How To Watch Netflix From Abroad?

How to watch Netflix from abroad?

Netflix has established its presence in over 190 countries globally. It catalogs original movies and TV shows according to every country. The shows you stream on Netflix in your country vary from another country. You may be thinking that changing your country within your Netflix account will give you access to Netflix shows from abroad.

But the sad reality is that it is impossible to alter your country within your Netflix account. What if I told you there was a way out? Watching Netflix from abroad is possible through a Virtual Private Network (VPN). You can stream Netflix online through your mobile phone, TV, computer, Laptop, or tablet.

You can maintain your entertainment abroad by utilizing a VPN. If you are using a TV, you may consider TVs with the VPN features. Take LG, for instance; if you are streaming through an LG TV, you can change region on LG smart TV using VPN, and voila! You have access to Netflix abroad. A VPN changes your region or masks it enabling you to watch TV shows and movies available to all countries in the universe. Here we explain how you can watch Netflix from abroad.

How to change Netflix region or country?

The smartest and easiest way of altering your country or region is through a VPN. VPNs are efficient in hiding your IP address and will channel your internet traffic via a transitional server found in your select country. VPN spoofs your locale by masking your actual IP address and swapping it with one from your select country.

You remain entertained regardless of where you may be, as you can continue watching from your home Netflix. Moreover, VPN encrypts your traffic such that no one can track your activity. Provided you have correctly set your VPN, accessing the Netflix diary from abroad is easy. The following steps explain how you can change Netflix’s country.

1.    Set up a Netflix account

Set up a Netflix account if you do not already have one. It is an easy process for starters. Visit netflix signup and do the necessary. Depending on your device, Netflix has application processes for all devices.

Assuming you are using your smart TV for a signup, you will need to open the Netflix application. You commence by providing your email address or mobile phone number, upon which Netflix sends you an activation link to your email address or phone number for you to complete the signup process.

You can then select the subscription option you are comfortable with, knowing that you can always upgrade or downgrade if need be. Use the link sent to create an account by inputting your email address (username) and inventing a password. What follows is you enter the mode of payment and Voila. You can then stream on.

2.    Download VPN, Install and sign up

Now that you have an account with Netflix, you can download a VPN, install and log in to it. There are numerous VPN providers, both free and paid. Also, you should realize that VPNs vary according to region.

Be very careful in choosing because you do not want to install those not licensed to operate within your chosen country. Search for the most reliable VPNs that can access other Netflix countries for an extended period without malfunctioning.

3.    Connect to the VPN server of your select country

Once you have installed and signed up for your VPN, connect to a VPN server in the region or country you would like to stream from. The purpose of doing that is to tunnel your internet traffic. The VPN will mask your IP address enabling you to stream online. Next, the system redirects you to the site of the country of your chosen server. That happens automatically close to the Netflix website.

4.    Netflix login and streaming

Given that you have already masked your IP address, you can log into your Netflix account if you have not done so and watch your select movie or a TV show.

Though VPN has made it possible to access Netflix libraries abroad, Netflix is aware of the trick and is always working round the clock to stop it from happening. In the event it spots a VPN provider’s IP address, it quickly blocks all internet traffic being channeled through it.


A VPN provides easy access to Netflix from abroad. However, for faster and uninterrupted streaming, ensure your VPN is fast, reliable, and safe from cyberattacks. You do not want to expose your personal information; which hackers can misuse to harm you or others. Realizing that it is possible to watch Netflix from abroad, follow the steps outlined above and you will remain forever entertained.

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