5 Tips for Choosing a Game Host Server

5 Tips for Choosing a Game Host Server


About a third of the global population are gamers. Estimates show that there will be 3 billion gamers by the end of 2022.

Gaming is a great way to challenge yourself and connect with people all over the world. You can play with your own group of friends or make new ones through your shared passion for games.

Your gaming experience depends on a fast and reliable game host. You want to make sure that you have the reputation for having a great gaming community. No one wants to play on a slow server.

The good news is that you don’t have to stray far to learn all about choosing a server for your gaming community. Keep reading to learn how to choose a gaming server. 

1. Bandwidth Needs

Your bandwidth needs are the starting point for choosing a gaming host. Figure out the games you’ll play and the number of players you want to host.

If you get the cheapest plan, it may not have the bandwidth you need for fantastic gameplay. Your server can lag and slow down.

2. Low Latency

Bandwidth is important, but it’s not the only factor that’s part of the speed equation. Everything that you see and react to on-screen gets broken down into data packets.

These data packets travel to your server and out to everyone’s gaming devices. The time it takes for these data packets to travel is called latency.

You want low latency servers, which are as close to zero as possible. The main factor in latency is the distance between you and your servers.

A game host should have servers located around the world, making it easier for you and your team to connect to the web.

3. Hosting Options Tailored to Your Game

Is there one game that you plan to play? If so, look for hosting options that cater to your game.

There are a ton of options if Minecraft is your game. If you prefer V Rising, go to AleForge and check out their game host options.

The advantage of having a server tailored to your game is that it’s built with the needs of that game in mind. The company knows the bandwidth and community needs.  

4. Security

Data security is a must for any gamer. The biggest threat to a gaming server is a denial of service attack. This is when a network of bots make server requests on a game server.

If the attack isn’t thwarted, the server can’t handle legitimate requests. Sometimes, it shuts down.

Choose a gaming server that has protocols in place to prevent these attacks.

5. Customer Service and Support

Check to see what kind of service and support are available. Are they friendly, helpful, and responsive? Does the game host provide backups?

This is the deciding factor if you’re looking at a few hosting options.

Finding the Right Game Host Server

How can you make sure you have a good game host? Use this guide to search for hosting options. You’ll find the right host that is fast and reliable.

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