How to Earn Money by Playing Video Games?

How to Earn Money by Playing Video Games

It’s great when something you’re crazy about becomes your job and allows you to earn good money. How those who love, for example, to write can monetize their skill – being a book author or working for paper writing services – those who are fans of video games can have a nice income by playing or doing something related to this industry.

The gaming world presents us with many opportunities to make money, but each has its own particularity. Video games are an industry of high bonanza, with lots of money and room to evolve. Find out here the different ways to make money with them.

In its short 40 years, video games have already established themselves as the dominant industry in the entertainment sector. Thousands of people take advantage of the excitement that gaming generates, and that’s why there are varied ways to make money, from Twitch, esports, YouTube, streaming, and even video game development careers. If you are unsure about all of them, today we bring you a list of many ways to earn money playing your favorite titles.

How to Earn Money by Playing Video Games?

The video game industry is the new mecca of opportunities, and it can be said that the phenomenon of content creators has been good for it since, out of all, what many companies, projects, and collectives sell us is just unusual, fresh, new and very in tune with the era of social networks.

This market is broad and, above all, very diverse. We are not only referring to the variety of games that exist but also to how to take advantage of them and present content that people are willing to watch. Here are 5 ways to generate interest and earn money while you play.

1. Compete in tournaments

Some of the contents that sell the most in the market are those of the users who stand out the most competitively. For this, looking for tournaments and other events where you can show your skills and win something in between is a good idea. It is important not to focus on getting money but on experience and even prestige.

2. Broadcast on Twitch

Twitch is the giant of video game transmissions and streaming. The earnings of some of the portal’s most recognized creators are in the millions, and although it may be a saturated market, if you are passionate about it and feel you have what it takes to stand out, then you can try it from the comfort of your own home. All you need is some equipment to record with, a decent microphone, a suitable video capture software (and a moderately powerful PC), and a lot of charisma.

3. Open your YouTube channel

Although YouTube also offers broadcasts (it did so for a long time through the now defunct YouTube Gaming), the platform stands out more if you want to make a career as a YouTuber with regular publications and more in-depth content. You can talk about your favorite games, comment on the latest news or even enjoy retro games. It will all depend on what market you focus on and how you seek to reach it.

4. Dedicate yourself to esports

Perhaps the most difficult, but also the one with the best rewards. The competitive video game or esports market is already mature, and there are many examples of people who dedicate themselves 100% to this professional career and get a lot of profits. Both organizations and professionals know what the public and the market demand: high competition. If you want to make money being a professional esports gamer, you should look for a local competitive scene where you can stand out little by little.

5. Video game development

This may be one of the closest options to the traditional, and although it may seem less risky, the truth is that it is not for everyone and is not easy at all. Video game development is one of those strange encounters between the technical and the artistic and between science and beauty. To make a place for yourself in that industry, you can choose to be an outstanding programmer (which requires a particular affinity with mathematics), a talented level designer, a graphic artist (2D or 3D), a musician, or a marketing professional, etc. Finally, you can also take a holistic path and become a future art director or producer. The goal, at the moment, is unknown, as it is a constantly evolving industry.

The main factors determining how much a professional gamer earns are the popularity of the game he/she plays, ability, and experience. Cases such as Fortnite and Dota 2 are classics.

The highest paid professional gamer is Johan Sundstein, who has accumulated 7.1 million dollars in a total of seven tournaments! So, let’s go!

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