7 AR Games You Should Try in 2022

7 AR Games You Should Try in 2022

Augmented reality games are fast becoming the norm in the gaming industry, thanks to how well they blend the real-world environment with virtual objects. The ease of playing these games from a smartphone or tablet further makes them the ultimate pick for spicing up your gaming sessions. Here are seven AR games you should try in 2022.

1.   Run Ji Run

Get to play as a custom 3D avatar in this action-packed infinite runner game offered by The goal is to cover more distance while escaping villains and dodging objects in your way to collect coins and unlock new levels. You will also get to play numerous challenges to level up, discover new environments, and boost your ranking.

2.   Jurassic World Live

Merge modern-day civilization with prehistoric times when creatures such as mammoths and dinosaurs roamed the earth by playing Jurassic World Live. The AR element in this game is quite engaging as you have to go out and search for these creatures to increase your collection. You can also participate in PvP battles for daily rewards, mix DNA to create hybrid dinosaurs, and share images of your creature collection with the globe.

3.   Zombies Run

Would you love to break a sweat while enjoying an intriguing AR game? Zombies Run gives you the best of both worlds as it is a health and fitness-oriented game, which is excellent for anyone who loves a good morning jog.

The goal is to make your way through a zombie-filled world as you listen to an audio narration describing each mission’s theme. Unlike virtual reality gaming, you will not need to invest in wearable technology since you will be outside engaged in your exercises.

4.   Harry Potter: Wizard’s Unite

Invite all your Potterhead fans on social media to help you save the universe of Hogwarts in this fantasy and adventure game. You will have lots of fun saving trapped wizards, combating enemies, and winning battles using spells and cool wands.

5.   Knightfall AR

Knoghtfall AR gives you the chance to relive the wars that knights and their troops had to fight to rescue their kingdoms. You have the option to play this game in a single-player mode or online multiplayer mode, which helps break its monotony.

6.   Spirit Camera

Are you a horror fan who seeks the thrill of a game that carries a sense of terror? Spirit Camera sets you out on a mission as a person holding a camera whose objective is to eliminate ghosts nearby. Since these scary ghost figures will appear alongside you in real life, this is not a game for those with phasmophobia.

7.   Pokemon Go

As a pioneer of AR games with a global cult following, Pokemon Go is one of the most engaging games that will have you glued to your smartphone. This free, location-based game will have you chasing after virtual creatures called Pokemon as you engage in raids and trainer battles for a more immersive experience.


The world of augmented reality is fast developing, and when it comes to gaming, these are some of the best options to try out in 2022.

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