Call of Duty Warzone: Top 5 Tips For New Players

Call of Duty Warzone: Top 5 Tips For New Players

Call of Duty Warzone is not an easy game to play, especially for beginners. It is challenging to survive against the ever-increasing competition in the game. A perfect aim and laser-like reactions work to an extent, while there is much more than this in Warzone.

You need to know more about positioning, engagement distances, and cover to increase your survival chances. As a beginner, you should know to make wise decisions and know when to fight by avoiding easy mistakes.

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The article includes the top 5 tips for new players to play Call of Duty Warzone.

Cut your parachute when landing

You can redeploy your parachute multiple times in Warzone as you move towards the ground. You can utilize the feature to reach farther away from the plane’s drop path and reach the ground faster. If you are dropping straight down, try to let yourself fall until the last moment. But if you plan to go somewhere, point yourself directly towards the landing zone.

Try to cut your parachute after moving forward while holding the controls. Keep a close watch on the altimeter so that you are not short of the landing zone you desire.

Acquire your loadout

Floor weapons and gear work better initially, but you will likely perform the best with specific loadouts. Aim to get a cash reward of $ 10,000 to buy a Loadout Drop from the nearest and safest BuyStation. Buying a loadout will ensure you with your equipment, custom equipment, and perks that are invaluable in the game’s latter part.

However, do not stop looting even after acquiring $10 k for your loadout. You will need loot to gather more gear and cash. Your goal should be ammo and an armor satchel that gives you a maximum of eight plates instead of five.

Follow teamwork

Working with a squad is advantageous in COD Warzone. Your team protects you against enemies and can revive you back into the game. So, do not be mean and share your loot with your teammates. You can view your squad’s finances on your screen’s left side. If you get killed in the game, your team can get you back in by purchasing appropriate items from BuyStation.

Ping is critical while playing with the team in COD Warzone. It helps you mark the rivals and locate the loot. It is the best way to inform your teammates regarding what is around you. You must double-click the ping key to warn your squad of a nearby enemy.

Complete contracts

Contracts are an addition to the COD Warzone for making cash. They are tasks that vary, like collecting loot boxes and killing a specific enemy. Contracts reveal a rival’s position, show you a good loot, or give you insight into the shrinking zone before other players can see it. You will gain more rewards and get bonuses, weapons, and gear.

The five main contracts include Bounty that targets a player’s general location, Recon which captures a nearby point to discover the next circle’s location, and Scavenger that opens three nearby chests to acquire gear. Another is Most Wanted, which marks you on the map and Supply Run that reaches a nearby BuyStation within a time limit to earn discounts.

Come back from Gulag

The Gulag is the only chance you can come back in the game without spending cash and being bought by the teammates. It resembles a Nuketown version that forces you to compete in a 1v1 pattern. Try to utilize your equipment effectively. Materials like stuns, new grenades, and lethal can make the difference, especially when spawning in weapons like a crossbow.

Likewise, you can help a teammate to come back to the field by showing them the enemy’s position or using the stone trick. A teammate is the best asset you can get in the Warzone. So, try to use cash to get them back if they lose in the Gulag.


COD Warzone is full of surprises, especially for beginners with multiple twists. So, play to your strengths, spend cash wisely, be with your team, and get a better view of the map to survive and win. The above five tips will wisely enable the new players to play Call of Duty Warzone.

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