Cooking in the World of Warcraft Dragonfly, Everything You Need To Know

Cooking in the World of Warcraft Dragonfly

Cooking as one of the additional professions does not take up a special profession slot and can be learned by any character at any time.

The task of cooking is to prepare healthy dishes and drinks that will enhance the main characteristics of the character for time and power, depending on the skills of the cook.

The chef can prepare fortune cookies, a special delicacy that will regenerate health faster for 20 seconds, but you must not move during the process, otherwise the effect will disappear.

The cook will be able to prepare banquets for raid groups and increase the main characteristics for all characters who will taste the treat for an hour. While eating, you cannot move and the cook must be level 70.

To get the maximum level for the Dragonflight upgrade 70, you need to complete quests and go to raids, destroy monsters and master dragon islands, or order wow boosting from professional players who will prepare your character.

The best races and ways to upgrade cooking

Cooking is not only the process of preparing food, but also the collection of the necessary ingredients for cooking.

Here you can go two ways:

  • Fishing and catching fish for cooking, and use special fish for grinding into reagents and selling.
  • Combine leveling cooking and skinning – for cooking you need meat, which is obtained from animals, from which, in turn, you can also skin them to level the corresponding profession and sell materials to master leather workers, or to level this profession yourself.
  • The ideal race for the culinary profession is the Pandaren. They have a base passive that increases the effect of satiety by 100% and a +5 bonuses to base cooking with the gourmet skill.

Cooking in the World of Warcraft Dragonfly

Characteristics of Cooking in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

In each profession in the Dragoflight update, a system of characteristics has appeared, where each parameter affects the quality of work, speed and value in the profession.

The main characteristics of the culinary profession:

  • Overproduction – affects the number of dishes produced and gives a chance to cook more products, spending fewer resources when cooking.
  • Resourcefulness – allows you to get by with less food for cooking than indicated in the recipe.
  • Inspiration – allows you to cook a dish of a much higher quality than current knowledge of the profession allows.
  • Speed – increases the processing time of resources and cooking.

It is better to concentrate efforts on the parameters of overproduction and resourcefulness in order to spend less resources to get more products for consumption and sale.

Cooking in the World of Warcraft Dragonfly

Equipment for the culinary profession

In the Dragonflight update, special equipment has appeared for each profession, which significantly increases the main characteristics.

For cooking, there are two slots for equipment, but you cannot make them yourself – you need skills in the tailoring profession and inscription.

If you are satisfied with a green quality item, then you can buy them on the marketplace. Higher quality items are character bound and you will need to place an order with the artisans to get the finished item.

You can do this through the order table, which was also added in the new Dragonflight update.

You need to specify the item, attach the necessary materials and a reward for the artisan.

Cooking equipment:

  • Master Chef’s Hat of Elemental Weave – Crafted by a tailor, it grants bonuses to Work Speed, Overproduction, and Profession General stats.
  • Smooth or Fine Chef’s Rolling Pin – Increases resourcefulness skills, production speed and cooking parameter.

The main advantage of the equipment mechanics is that the system independently regulates the period when you need to put on key equipment. Items will be worn when working with cooking and removed when completed – the main thing is that the items are in the inventory.

Upgrading the Cooking Profession in the Dragonflight Update

To significantly upgrade the skills of the culinary profession, you need to cook dishes and drinks, but the most important thing is to look for and master new recipes.

There are several ways to learn new recipes:

  • Learn from a teacher by trade on Dragon Isle.
  • Learn randomly when preparing food and drinks. For example, by cooking Smoked Hornfin Steaks, you can get the recipe for Braised Zubron Loin with a certain chance.
  • At the Azure Reach location, you can get recipes for completing the World Quest, A Great Feast.

Choose recipes for leveling a profession based on materials. Resources should be obtained easily enough and in the right quantities.

How to make gold with cooking in Dragonflight

The main advantage of the cooking profession is the ability to convert cheap meat and fish materials into prepared meals, drinks and feasts for other players.

All types of food are useful for players in any situation, because they allow you to significantly increase the characteristics of the characters for a long period of time and the higher the cooking skills, the longer the duration of the effect and the strength of the increase.

Chefs are called upon before difficult raids and large-scale battles.

Many guilds are willing to pay good chefs, or keep them in the guild, not to mention regular players and assembled groups.

Characters who are trying to farm mythic raids with small forces to get the best equipment definitely need all kinds of power-ups to succeed, including cooking.

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