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How Much Ram Do You Need for Gaming?

How Much Ram Do You Need for Gaming?
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This is a common question for gamers who want to create a gaming computer that’s top of the line. But it’s not just about having the best components and the best machine. It also involves balancing the components correctly, so you can have a great time gaming.

The good news is that the price of RAM has been falling, making it easier for many people to upgrade their computers with additional RAM. But how much memory do you need?

How Does RAM Affect Game Play?

To start with, RAM holds all the information the PC might need to access is stored in the RAM. When the data is stored in RAM, it’s easily and quickly accessed, which makes sure the game runs smoothly and without any issues.

So, the key is to have plenty of RAM to make your game run, but don’t install too much RAM. This is a waste of money and your computer won’t use it.



The Most Common RAM Capacities

When it comes to RAM, there are some numbers that are common. When playing today’s games, most gaming experts recommend about 16GB. However, there are higher end computers that have more RAM including 32, 64, and even 128GB of RAM. Here’s out RAM breaks out when it comes to gaming requirements:

  • 4GB: is great for regular desktops and office computers. It’s also good for those running 32 Bit OS. However, it’s not enough for the gaming these days.
  • 8GB: is the minimum amount of RAM a gaming computer requires. While most games will run well, some that are heavier on the graphics could have a more difficult time. You may not enjoy those games as well.
  • 16GB: is the optimal amount of RAM for gaming. Computers running this amount of RAM will not run out, even when playing more demanding games.
  • 32GB: this is becoming more popular with gamers, especially those who are looking to ensure their computer is future-proof.

Do you really need 32GB of RAM to play games? The quick answer is no, but some people still want that extra RAM. 32GB of RAM is a great way to make sure your computer is future-proof. That means it will be powerful enough to handle more evolved software and apps with the additional RAM. However, DDR5 is being developed, and it should also be considered for futureproofing.

And there are certain people who want to use their gaming PC for work. In that case, there are some professions that require software that needs additional RAM.

How Much RAM Do I Need?

When it comes to today’s games, 16GB is usually enough for a gaming PC. This will be great for most games. However, if you have a tight budget, then you may want to rely on 8GB instead. But keep in mind that performance won’t be as good as with 16GB of RAM.

Let’s do another breakdown:

8GB is the minimum you can get buy to play games. This is what you need for basic productivity and for anyone who isn’t playing today’s games, but the older PC games. If you really want to play today’s games, then you’ll need more RAM.

16GB: this is the best when it comes to price and capacity for most gamers. You’ll have plenty of RAM for most modern games and have enough if you’d like to use your PC for work. That is, unless you’re in a profession that renders large files or other types of work that require a large amount of RAM. However, 16GB is more than enough for most people.



What About 32GB?

Sure, 32 GB is great! You’ll have more than enough processing power for games and more. And anyone who needs to work with large files, and more can benefit from 32GB of RAM. This may include some photo and movie editing, especially when dealing with 4K resolution.

However, in most people simply don’t need that kind of processing power for today’s modern games.

Single or Double Modules

Most motherboards today support dual-channel memory. And there are some that can even handle quad-channel! Back to the dual-channel memory, will it improve your PC’s performance?

Yes, but you may not really notice the difference, depending on the game you’re playing. With some games you may not notice, while on other games the performance may significant enough to make a difference.

So, if you’d like to upgrade to a dual-channel module, then you’ll find these kits are cheaper. Plus, having multiple sticks of RAM means it’s easier to replace when they fail!



Summing It Up

For most people, 16GB will be more than enough for gaming and getting work done. Unless they’re creatives, in which case they may need the 32GB of RAM.

32GB is simply too much for many people. Why spend that kind of money when the RAM won’t make any noticeable difference? While it’s nice to have all that power on hand, if you’re looking for the best buy, then 16GB is just the right amount, without going over.

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