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10 Cheap Gaming Chairs Under $100

10 Cheap Gaming Chairs Under $100
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Many gamers are hesitant when it comes to investing in a gaming chair. The reason is that, on the whole, gaming chairs tend to be quite expensive. And gamers wonder about the benefit of playing in a gaming chair. Does it really make any difference?

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of using a gaming chair, and to top that off, we’ve created a list of the best gaming chairs under $100! Let’s get started!

The Top 10 Best Gaming Chairs Under $100

Here’s our list of the top 10 best gaming chairs for under $100! No matter if you’re a casual gamer, or one who spends long periods enjoying your favorite games, this list of chairs is for you.

1) Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair Racing Style

This chair looks exactly as a gaming chair should—with a black frame, orange and black stripes—it looks like a racing chair! In fact, this chair is a racing style gaming chair. You’ll find this chair is made from polyurethane leather which is very breathable. The bucket set includes a removable headrest and an adjustable lumbar cushion.

The chair also has an adjustable tilt, which is lockable, so you can easily use the chair for gaming, reading, working, and relaxing. It’s that comfortable and versatile. You’ll be impressed with the 180-degree recline, which is perfect for relaxing after a hard day at work or hours of exacting game play.

The chair’s height is also adjustable with a gas spring. The chair casters are scratch-resistant, which means they’re safe for most types of flooring. The frame of this gaming chair is very sturdy and can support up to 300 lbs.

It’s a rare thing to find a gaming chair with all of these features for around $100!



2) PC Gaming Chair Racing Office Chair

Here’s another racing-style game chair that has the “gaming” look. This chair comes in red and black, and includes a headrest and lumbar support, supplied in an ergonomic design. You’re sure to stay comfortable in this chair as you play! Plus, your back and neck will thank you for the support this chair gives during those long gaming hours.

Along with its ergonomic design, this racing-style gaming chair includes an under-chair tilt tension knob. You can rock back in the chair or set the tension to keep you from rocking back. You’re in control!



3) Furmax Office Chair

While this may be called an “office chair,” don’t let that turn you away from a comfortable seat! This chair has everything all the other gaming chairs, aside from the racing colors. Although, this gaming chair is also available in red/black, which does give it a sportier look. The style and design are more like a racing gaming chair. Plus, this chair’s made of leather. That’s not something common in this price range.

This chair offers a 360-degree swivel and wheels, and the back is adjustable, as are the armrests and height. You can put it far back in order to relax your lower back on those long gaming days! The Furmax gaming chair is also easy to put together.



4) BestOffice PC Gaming Chair Ergonomic Office Chair

Here’s a gaming chair that comes in a wide range of colors—the sportiest is the red/black version. This is a chair built for comfort, and one that can double as a gaming chair or an office chair. The locking mechanism can keep the back upright, to relieve stressed muscles and pain in the lower back. You’ll also find the adjustable height helpful when it comes to playing in comfort.

The padded arms flip up, giving you more adjustability when it comes to getting comfortable. Plus, the casters swivel 360-degrees, making it easy to multitask and move around as desired.

The BestOffice gaming chair features an ergonomic design, which provides full mobility when working or gaming. It’s also easy to put together and can hold up to 250 lbs.



5) Polar Aurora Gaming Chair

Here’s a gaming chair that offers quite a bit in this price range. It’s a multifunctional chair that can easily double as an office chair and a gaming chair. The seating is exceedingly comfortable due to the chair’s ergonomic design. This chair supports your entire back from the head and neck, shoulders, and down to the lower back.

This gaming chair is made of high-quality PU leather. While we like the black and white elegance of this chair, it does come in alternative colors. The chair also features a lumbar cushion and a headrest pillow, along with a tilt locking mechanism that provides 90 to 160 degrees of adjustment. That means you can almost lay flat, when your back needs a break.


6) SMUGchair Racing Gaming Chair

Here’s another great gaming racing chair under $100! This gaming chair is made of bonded leather and comes in a variety of colors. The leather ensures you’ll stay comfortable as you work or game.

The arm rests are padded and provide you with adjustable comfort, along with the tilt tension and rock which make your chair even more comfortable. The height is also adjustable, with the easy handle and lock, which ensure your chair stays at the right height.

This chair is sturdy and durable, with a 5-start base of casters and 360-degree swivel. It can also hold up to 250 lbs.



7) Geniqua Gaming Chair Racing Style

Here’s a racing-style game chair that will ensure you stay comfortable for hours, whether working or gaming. The Geniqua Gaming Chair features a thick padded backrest, with an ergonomic design. Your lumbar spine will have excellent support in this chair.

This racing gaming chair’s height is adjustable, so you can sit a just the right height for perfect gaming control. The chair’s made from long-lasting PU leather and mesh fabric that’s easy to clean. In addition, the chair is stabilized on a 5-star base, with casters that are nylon and easily slide on the floor with no damage.


8) Yoleny Gaming Chair

Here’s a gaming chair that comes in various colors and has a lot to offer anyone who’s serious about gaming. The Yoleny Gaming Chair features an ergonomic design, which includes a removeable headrest pillow and a lumbar cushion. These will give your neck, shoulders and back the support needed for those long gaming bouts or long hours of working on the computer.

This chair’s height is adjustable and has a back-tilt of about 170-degrees. It’s made from premium PU leather that’s comfortable and easy to clean. It also offers 360-dgree swivel to make multitasking easier. Plus, the casters ensure a smooth roll. The chair can easily hold up to 250 lbs.


9) BestOffice Gaming Chair Ergonomic Office Chair

Here’s another office gaming chair from BestOffice, which features comfortable lumbar support, which makes sure you stay comfortable when seated for long periods. Not only that, but this chair also provides a massage vibrator with a remote control, so you can relax tired muscles as you play or work.

You’ll also find this chair provides 360-degrees of swivel and nylon casters. And it’s sturdy enough to hold up to 250 lbs.


10) Furniwell Office Chair

While this is called an “office chair,” it’s also perfect for gaming! The Furniwell chair features a high-density sponge filling, which ensure you have plenty of cushioning when seated. You’re sure to stay comfortable on this cushy seat!

The chair also features an ergonomic design, which will keep your back supported and comfortable when seated for long periods. When you feel tired, just rock the seat back and use the lock to keep it there as long as you’d like. And you can adjust the height as needed, too!


Benefits of Using a Gaming Chair

So, what’s so great about a gaming chair? It’s just a chair, right? Well, yes, a gaming chair is a chair; however, these specialized chairs do come with a number of benefits. Those benefits are not only to make gaming more comfortable, they’re also to keep you healthy.

Think of the hours you sit and game when at the computer. Not only does your posture suffer, but you may even develop muscle tension/spasms, back aches, and more. With pain and tension throughout body, it’s more difficult to keep your focus on the game and play effectively.

A good gaming chair is about comfort, but it’s even more about keeping you healthy. Let’s take a look:

Ergonomics: gaming chairs use the latest in ergonomic design. In fact, you’ll find they use a racing bucket seat, have support for your back and neck, and more. Most gaming chairs include extra cushioning to help with back support. This helps your posture, but it also keeps you from developing backaches from sitting crouched for long hours as you game. In addition, gaming chairs provide support for your neck, to avoid straining your neck and spine as you have a great time.

Comfort: of course, a chair must be comfortable and gaming chairs are no different. Along with the ergonomic design, you won’t have to deal with neck or back strain, sore muscles, etc. Instead, the chairs are adjustable, so you can find the right chair height, and more to make the chair fit you.

Maintain circulation: as you sit and game in one position, circulation in your legs and feet can suffer. A gaming chair keeps you from slouching and cutting of circulation. Your entire system will thank you for the increased blood flow, even when you’re playing for long periods.

These are the benefits you can expect from using a game chair when you play!

As you can see from our list of the top 10 gaming chairs under $100, you can find comfort, ergonomic support and more at a price that’s easier on the wall. Gaming chairs can be expensive, but this list of chairs offers features not common in this price range. So, we hope you’ve found the most comfortable chair for your gaming!











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