How to play Fuse in Apex Legends: Abilities, tips, more

How to play Fuse in Apex Legends- Abilities, tips, more

Apex legends’ new character, Fuse is one hero you can’t wait to experience. He has several abilities surpassing other Apex Legends’ characters and ups their games to a much higher level. Added to that, his affinity for explosives is one interesting and intriguing part you can’t wait to exploit.

It is, however, not advisable to head into the game with Fuse without understanding his mind-blowing capabilities. This article will give you a thorough guide on how to go about Fuse. We also recommend that you use the best Apex Legends hacks and cheats to scale difficulties in the game.

Fuse’ Abilities

1.   The Motherlode

This is the ultimate ability fuse has, amongst others. This is one very active weapon that you can use to maximize Fuse to his fullest at extreme explosive actions. You can use this whenever you charge it. The Motherlode fires many explosives that can surround a sufficiently large area with a circle of fire.

With this, you will not only trap enemies for easy kills, but enemies in its blast area will also suffer severe damage. This is one tool you can use to deal massive damage, whether as a player or as a team.

2.   Grenadier

This is known as Fuse’s passive ability, and you will likely use it a lot. Grenadier is a much faster beast at launching grenades at a long-range and more accurately than other heroes. This passive ability lets him load two grenades in one slot, which he fires with an arm cannon. With Grenadier, you can also get two grenades at the cost of one when you use Loba’s, Black Market.

Also, Fuse possesses an additional grenade when compared to other legends, keeping him a step ahead. The Grenadier’s increased grenade impact makes you able to make frag grenades bounce off walls. In addition, the ability of the Grenadier to switch his cannon of and on allows you to launch grenades with the same arc and speed other heroes use.

3.   Knuckle Cluster

The Knuckle Cluster is a tactical ability possessed by Fuse that allows him to launch a bunch of explosives that detonate in mid-air. Its versatility is also an asset: use it quickly to deal damage to a target or a denial device for a small area. For example, you can use it to burst through a door or pre-fire it in a choke, making your opponents fumble into a line of explosions.

Bangalore players are fond of creating a visual clutter from their Bangalore smoke, using it to revive or heal a teammate. Launching the Knuckle Cluster can counter the smoke and even help you suppress them even when you can’t see them.

Tips On How To Use Fuse

4.   Attaching team members to Fuse

Fuse is an aggressive and brutal character that fits perfectly into the offensive side of a battle. So if charging in and creating chaos is your thing, there you go with the perfect character. But if you are a reserved kind of fighter, you might want to choose another hero. So in a team, Fuse best handles the more outrageous tasks, charging in ahead of his teammates or together with them.

In a team, you can Fuse’ Motherlode to trap enemies within a wall of flame while other team members move in to finish them off. A tanky character that you might consider using alongside Fuse is Caustic if you want to make a great pair. He can plant bombs while Fuse uses his Motherlode to ward in enemies towards them.

Also, his unavoidable gas can be used to stop counters that enemy teams use against Fuse’s attack by causing them to flee. A list of other teammates you might consider includes Horizon, Bloodhound, Gibraltar, and Crypto. A combination of Fuse and any of the above Legends will make a very formidable team.

5.   Using Fuse Solo

Despite the game being a team game, several situations may occur, leaving you all alone in the battle. Reasons may be that your teammates got separated due to lack of coordination, or they’ve been killed. These situations leave you in the game all by yourself, leaving you with no option other than learning to play solo.

This is no cause for worry as Fuse’s basic abilities are built to deal damages on several enemies simultaneously. From your extra grenades to the Knuckle Cluster to even the Motherlode, you are well armed for the situation at hand. However, it is much likely that you’ll be outnumbered, so save your abilities for defense situations. Don’t bound off chasing whole teams of enemies; you may die in the process.


Fuse is one of the biggest and strongest characters in Apex Legends, but he can die in his explosions. Also, don’t be carried away by his enormous abilities into rushing into fights without your team; you can be easily overpowered. So, while exploiting his abilities, don’t drive him to the extremes to avoid quick death.

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