The Ultimate FFXIV Blue Mage Leveling Guide

The Ultimate FFXIV Blue Mage Leveling Guide

Blue mage is a new job in the FFXIV, which changes how jobs would work earlier as you will gain experience by fighting with enemies. The level cap of blue mage is low, and it caps at level 50, but there are rumors that developers will increase the level cap in the future.

Blue mage is a vast job in terms of spells, and you can learn more than 100 different spells from start to end. It has become the first choice of FFXIV players thanks to its high damaging spells, amazing attributes, and skill to equip more than 24 spells simultaneously. Do you know? Nowadays, buying Final Fantasy games is possible at reasonable price, because marketplaces like are offering best deals.

How Much Time Do You Need To Level Blue Mage?

To level Blue mage to maximum level with the fastest method would take you a maximum of a few hours, but the time can vary from player to player based on their skill level. Reaching the mark of the first 50 levels is more straightforward, and the real struggle starts from that point onwards. Some FFXIV leveling service providers offer leveling services for those who don’t want to take the extra stress of leveling.

Best Leveling Tips

The only difference between how much it will take to level cap your blue mage is how you do it. There are various tips that you can follow to level up the blue mage, and professionals tend to opt for these methods to achieve their goals quickly. Below are some tips to make your whole leveling journey easy yet short.

  • Team up with good players
  • Choose the best location for leveling
  • Choose between mobs for experience points

Team Up With Good Players

You may think that solo leveling is best as you don’t have to wait for anyone to get online and help you, but teaming up can get the whole thing done with way less effort. It would be better if someone in your team is a level 70 healer because that way, you don’t have to worry about healing your heroes anymore in case they take some damage.

Choose The Best Location For Leveling

If you end up fighting with enemies at the wrong location, you may win the battle, but the experience points you get may not be worth the effort. On the map, Heavensward zones have the most significant toll of enemy mobs compared to all the other locations in the whole FFXIV.

If you already own a high-level mount, go to the Sea of Clouds with a team and give your leveling journey a boost up.

Choose Between Mobs For Experience Points

Each mob has a different count of enemies, and it is best to check for the strength of each mob to ensure your win rather than blindly taking on a mob. One leveling method is to tag an enemy and coordinate with your teammate to only take down the enemy in a few blows.

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