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How to Keep Your Earbuds From Falling Out?

How to Keep Your Earbuds From Falling Out?

While they can be very convenient, earbuds are prone to falling out of your ears at any time. It doesn’t matter whether you are jogging, dancing, skateboarding, biking, or even just walking around. If it keeps happening to you, it can be very annoying.

There are several reasons this can happen. The most common reasons are either the design of the earbuds themselves or the shape of your ears. Here are some of the reasons your earbuds may keep falling out along with how you can solve the issue.


Why your earbuds may keep falling off

Design of your ears

Ears come in various shapes and sizes, so yours may not be able to hold the earbuds in place. It’s even possible that you find it uncomfortable wearing earbuds or that they can’t enter your ear canal.

Also, if you have ear cartilage deficiency syndrome, it becomes easy for your earbuds to keep slipping off your ears because you don’t have enough cartilage to support the earbuds.



Design and size of the earbuds

Earbuds are available in various designs and sizes. However, manufacturers realise that not all ears are the same, so they include a range of rubber attachment tips and silicone so that users can pick the most suitable one for their ears. Not all earbuds have this feature and your earbuds can easily fall off your ears if you choose the correct size.


Ear wax in your inner ears

Your earbuds may not stay in your ears if there is a build-up of earwax in your inner ears. It’s natural for earwax to accumulate. It can be due to you using cotton swabs to clean your ears, your age, the shape of your ear canal, or using headphones that go into your ears. To keep your ears healthy and more suitable to hold your earbuds tightly, clean out your ears correctly.


Distance between your ears and your jaws

If your ears are not far from the joint that connects your jaws to the skull, then a simple movement of your jaws can change the size and shape of your ear canal causing your earbuds to fall out.



Ways to keep your earbuds from falling off your ears

 Wear the earbuds properly

If you keep inserting the earbuds directly into your ears, then it may be difficult for them to stay if they come with a long cord connected to your mobile phone or any other device. There is a possibility that the cord will pull them out of your ears. Looping the cord around your ear before inserting the earbud inside your ear can solve this problem.


Stretch your earlobes

This simple trick could save you a whole lot of stress and solve your earbud problems. It is particularly perfect for earbuds that come with rubber, foam, or silicone tip that you can insert into your ears.

Gently pull your earlobe, insert the earbud, and then release it afterward. The ear cavity will reshape itself around the earbud.


Use wireless earbuds

If your cord keeps pulling your earbuds out of your ears, then you should try wireless earbuds. While they’re usually more expensive than the regular cord earbuds, they are more comfortable and less stressful to use.


Use sweat-proof earbuds

If you do a lot of exercise in the hot weather, then go for sweat-proof earbuds. Sweat can make your earbuds fall off easily, however, sweat-proof earbuds can work well under such conditions.

It’s important to know that there is a difference between sweat-proof earbuds and waterproof earbuds. The International Protection (IP) rating for sweat-proof earbuds is IPX4.


Use waterproof earbuds

If you’re used to working out or exercising outdoors in the rain, then this is a perfect solution to your earbud problems.

Also, these earbuds can come in handy during winter when the air is moist and when you’re swimming. The International Protection (IP) rating for waterproof earbuds is IPX8.


Use on-ear headphones

If you love jogging or doing any other activities dancing that requires significant body movements, then you can opt for headphones instead of earbuds.

While headphones are heavier than earbuds, they are steadier over the head and you need not worry about anything falling off your ears.




Use earbuds or headphones with hooks

If you intend to use your earbuds or headphones only for exercise, make sure you go for the ones that are designed for sports. These come with built-in hooks that can be wrapped around your ears.

While the hooks will hold the earbuds in place, it’s even better to choose small, well-fitting earbuds. This way you are more comfortable wearing them.


Use an ear warmer

This is probably the simplest and most practical solution you will find on this list. This will not only keep your earbuds from slipping off, but they also keep you warm, especially when it’s cold.


Clean your ears properly

If you use cotton swabs to clean your ears, you should stop. Doctors advise against using cotton swabs to remove earwax because they cause the wax to push against your eardrums, thereby blocking your ear canal and making it too oily.

You should consult your doctor to see the best way to clean your ears. This is not just to keep your earbuds in your ears, but to keep your ears healthy as well.


Choose earbuds for small ears

If you have a small ear canal, then it’ll be hard to keep your earbuds from falling off if you don’t get the ones specially designed for smaller ears. This is common with women, as they tend to have smaller ears. Shop for earbuds produced specifically for small ears or that come with attachment tips of different sizes.


Final thoughts

Earbuds become pointless if they are inconvenient and cause you a lot of stress instead of removing them. Sometimes the problem is the earbuds and sometimes it isn’t. It’s therefore important you know what the problem is exactly so that you can find the most suitable solution.

Hopefully this article has given you all the information you need to keep your earbuds firmly in place and allow you to enjoy your music without any annoyances.

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