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Top 10 Best Automatic Porch Light Timers

Best Automatic Porch Light Timers
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Would you like your porch lights to come on automatically at certain times of the day? This can be a good way to enhance the security outside of your home, whether you are indoors or you are on vacation. In order to do this, you need an automatic porch light timer. Here are our top ten to consider for your home.

BN-LINK 7 Day Heavy Duty Digital Programmable Timer


We are going to start by taking a look at this digital programmable timer by BN-LINK. This timer lets you choose from eight different programs and it is easy to use. You can choose a pre-set timer or customize your porch lights by day. There is a daylight savings mode and you will be glad to know there is a backup battery in case there is a power outage. It has never been easier to control your porch lights outside your home.

Honeywell Home RPLS740B1008 Econoswitch


With this porch light timer from Honeywell Home, you can enjoy having a schedule for your lights. You can program up to seven days with this time, meaning they will switch on and off automatically. You can control several devices in your home, as well as ceiling fans and home lighting. What’s more, you can save on your energy bills too. This porch light timer is easy to install.

ECOPlugs Outdoor Light Timer


Next up is this porch light timer from ECOPlugs. This can be placed outside since it is an outlet that is also waterproof. There is a yard stake to secure it to the ground and you can use the six outlets for a variety of devices. There are digital times you can use and a remote control. This porch light timer has a photocell light sensor too.

BN-LINK Outdoor 24-Hour Timer with Photocell Light Sensor


This next porch light timer enjoys having a built-in light sensor timer. This means that the outlets automatically turn on when it gets dark or when the timer is set. It is easy to program and choose the schedule for your outdoor lights. There is a dial you can turn to set the timer. This device has a 6-inch cord and there are two grounded outlets to use. What’s more, this porch light timer is designed to last and be kept outdoors. It is weatherproof to deal with the elements all year round.

Fosmon Outdoor Photocell Light Sensor Timer


It has never been simpler to control your porch light than with this timer from Fosmon. This has an automatic light sensor that makes it easy to control and create a schedule. You can program when you want the light to turn on and for how long. There is also a remote control included, which means that you do not always have to go outside if you want to change it. This porch light timer is built to last. It has rainproof casing and it is designed to be heavy duty and deal with being outside in all weather.

BN-LINK 7 Day Programmable In-Wall Timer Switch for Lights


You can have full control over your porch light with this in-wall timer from BN-LINK. You can create a schedule for your light and the backup battery is going to ensure that this is followed even when there is a power outage. We like that this timer has a ‘random’ vacation mode. This is going to allow your lights to not follow a specified pattern and it makes it look like someone is living in the home. This can give you peace of mind when you are away. There are 18 programs you can choose from and this can be programmed for seven days.

Kasonic Wireless Outdoor Remote Control Outlet and Timer


A lot of people worry about having their porch light timer outside. But this does not have to be a problem with this one from Kasonic. It is designed to be waterproof and this makes it perfect for using outdoors. It is watertight and this means that it can be placed anywhere. There is a remote control so that you can control your porch lights or other devices. It has up to a 100-foot range, which means you can stay inside and still have control. The light sensor can turn on your light when it gets dark or you can control the schedule.

BN-LINK 7 Day Outdoor Heavy-Duty Programmable Timer


Control the lights in your home with this weatherproof timer from BN-LINK. You can program them for up to seven days and it is safe for outdoor use. What we like about this timer is that it has a random vacation mode, which means that the lights will take on a random schedule. This makes it look like someone is living there and the lights do not follow the same pattern. You can insert one battery, which is going to act as a backup if the power goes out.

ENERLITES HET01-C-W Programmable Digital Timer Switch for Lights


If you would like to set a schedule for your porch light, you can use this programable digital timer switch. This is going to allow you to turn them on and off automatically. There are around 18 different timer settings you can choose from. The good thing is, if there is a power outage, this is not going to disrupt the schedule. There is a backup battery that prevents this from happening. This s easy to install inside your home and it can even be used for fans and sprinklers.

BN-LINK Heavy Duty Mechanical 24-Hour Timer


Last but not least, we include this timer from BN-LINK on our list. It is easy to use and has a built-in pin dial. This means that you can set the timer you need for your porch lights. What’s more, you can save energy and only use the lights when you need them. The schedule that you create will repeat every 24 hours so you do not have to keep setting it.

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