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Top 10 Best Printing Pens

Best Printing Pens
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Would you love to make 3D art? It is now possible to do this at home thanks to 3D printing pens. This allows you to create a lot of art using plastic filament. If you have never purchased a 3D printing pen before, you may find it difficult to choose one. To make your decision easier, here are the top 10 best printing pens.

3Doodler Create 3D Printing Pet Set

3Doodler claim to have the first and the best-selling 3D pen that is available. This means that this model had to make our list. Indeed, this 3D pen is slim and lightweight, which makes it comfortable to hold. It also makes it easier to manage, as well as being smooth to use. You can draw any way you want and this set comes with 50 plastic strands so that it is ready to go. There is no mess and it is non-toxic.

MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen



If you are an experience when it comes to making your drawings 3D, you need the right tools to make it happen. We recommend the MYNT3D Professional Printing 3D Pen. This has everything you need for any project. We are talking about an OLED display that is going to show you the temperature. There is also a temperature control function that lets you adjust it to whatever you need. You can also control the speed of your 3D pen. There is a button for continuous feed too. The ergonomic shape is comfortable to hold. All you have to do is charge up this 3D pen and you can bring it with you anywhere you go.

TECBOSS Intelligent 3D Printing Pen


Next on our top 10 best printing pens list is this model from TECBOSS. It has an LCD display that shows you the temperature and you can easily adjust the speed too. There are two finger protectors included so that you can have fun and this also means that children can use this printing pen under supervision. Adults and kids can create 3D models easily with this printing pen.

AIO Robotics Premium 3D Printing Pen


We had to add this 3D printing pen from AIO Robotics to our list. You are going to enjoy a host of features that it includes. You will find that it has an OLED display, which can display the temperature of the pen, as well as the speed. You have the ability to increase and decrease the speed and temperature to suit your project. There is a filament unloading and feeding button too. The pen has a black sleek design that is comfortable and lightweight to hold for any project.

MYNT3D Super 3D Pen


Creating 3D art is a lot of fun and this is something you can do with ease thanks to the MYNT3D Printing Pen. This model allows you to create any art and it can be suitable for children with supervision. It has an ergonomic design for comfort and it comes with an A.C adapter. It also includes three colors of ABS plastic filament that you can use. You will not have to worry about clogging thanks to the ultrasonic sealed nozzle.

XYZ Printing 3D Printing Pen


Up next is the XYZ Printing 3D Pen. This model is called the da Vinci and it is designed to be lightweight and easy to use. You can charge it using the USB cable, which means you can bring it anywhere with you. This pen uses non-toxic filament and it also comes with some fun templates you can use. There is even an auto-extrusion mode to make it easier to work on larger projects. There is also a controlled mode where you can manually control the button and add the details you need on an intricate project.

3Doodler Start Essentials 3D Pen for Kids


Are you looking for a 3D pen that is specifically for kids? Then you have got to check out this 3D pen from 3Doodler. This is a completely child-safe pen that you can purchase for creating art. It is suitable for kids aged six and up. It is made from plastic and there is no risking of getting burnt. The plastic filaments are safe and the 3D printing pen can encourage creativity. There are stencils you can use in the pack and a micro-USB charger is included.

SCRIB3D 3D Printing Pen


Get started and create cool art today with the SCRIB3D printing pen. You can easily change the temperature to suit different filaments and you can choose the speed with the slider function. No matter what you are creating, this 3D printing pen makes it easy. It is perfect for beginners and it has an ergonomic design. This includes large buttons and an LCD screen.

MYNT3D Mp033 Basic 3D Pen


If you are new to creating 3D art, check out this 3D pen from MYNT3D. It is designed to be user friendly, which is going to be great for beginners. There are slow, medium and fast speeds that you can alternate between to create your project. There is also a sealed nozzle, which can make sure that your 3D pen does not get clogged and lasts longer.

BeTim 3D Printing Pen


Last but not least is this 3D printing pen from BeTim. This model is going to be suitable for use by kids and adults. It is comfortable to hold thanks to its ergonomic shape, which makes longer projects enjoyable. It has an LCD screen that is going to show you the temperature and speed you are using. You are able to adapt these thanks to the modes you can select. This includes two temperature and speed options. A lot of kits will come with filaments you can use with this model is compatible with different types. It is charged with a USB cable so that you can make your art anywhere. What’s more the kit included with this 3D printing pen includes two finger protectors for enjoying your art.

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