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Top 10 Best Home Electrolysis Machines

Best Home Electrolysis Machines
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Are you looking for a way to stop hair growth from home? Electrolysis used to be a treatment that you had to visit a clinic to enjoy. Now, there are a number of fantastic electrolysis machines you can purchase and use on your own at home.

But with so many choices out there, it is important to do your research and find an electrolysis machine that is right for you. So, we thought we would help and review some of them for you. Here are the top 10 best home electrolysis machines you can purchase right now.

Clean N Easy Deluxe Home Electrolysis Machine


The first home electrolysis machine we have included in our list is this one from Clean N Easy. If you are looking for an affordable machine, this might be the one for you. It has a simple design and you should find it easy to use. You can customize the intensity so that you can be comfortable and the stylus has a slim design. We would recommend this model for beginners and to see if you like the process.

Electrolyse Automatique Electrolysis Machine


Next up is this model from Electrolyse Automatique. While this is often used in salons, it can also be used at home. Be aware that the intensity can be high, which you are able to control. But this can be a good thing if you have tried at home machines before that were not powerful enough. We like that this model has a foot pedal, which can make it easier and faster to operate.

Aavexx 300 Transdermal Electrolysis System


If you do not want to deal with needles, we suggest the Aavexx Transdermal Electrolysis System. This is an easy and convenient to get rid of hair on your body. This kit is going to include everything you need and you can work it on 110-120-volt and 220-240-volt systems. You can use the foot switch for easy use and you are able to easily control the intensity. Just make sure that you follow the instructions. For peace of mind, you can enjoy a one-year warranty with this electrolysis system.

Standard Dual Function Blend Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal System



This next electrolysis hair removal system is a galvanic blend unit. This is going to reduce the hairs on your body by up to 90 percent in just one or two treatment sessions. It is easy to use and you can easily adjust the time and intensity of this system. This kit comes with everything you need, including the stylus and disposable probs. You can also use a foot switch with this model. For peace of mind, you can enjoy a one-year warranty. So, if anything goes wrong, you are protected. Now, you can reduce unwanted hair without going to the salon and you can do it from home instead.

V2R Galvanic Electrolysis System


For removing hair on all of your body, we recommend this V2R Galvanic Electrolysis System. It can look daunting to use but it works perfectly on your legs, arms and even removing hairs on your face. The dials allow you to easily and quickly adjust the intensity. You have a lot of control. You should to good results within a few days and several weeks for stubborn hair.

AVX400 Salon Quality Transdermal Electrolysis System


Next up is another quality electrolysis system from Aavexx. While there is one of the early models, it can still offer a good way to get rid of unwanted hair. A lot of people like the no-needle system and it is fully programmable to your needs. You can control everything from the intensity to seconds of the treatment. It is powerful and this is why some salons use this electrolysis machine.

EP85M Professional Radio Frequency RF Permanent Hair Removal Machine


This is a machine that is referred to as a thermolysis unit. Indeed, you will notice that it has a higher price tag than some other options on our list. But it is faster to use since it can remove several hairs at once. It was created for professional use but this hair removal machine can be used if you have some experience. You can use clips instead of needles and you can enjoy a one year warranty with this product.

Aavexx 600 Home Electrolysis Machine


This is another powerful home electrolysis machine that can create amazing results. It is able to remove hair from all parts of the body and it is fully customizable for your needs. This is a needle-free model and instead, you will have to use clips. While it is perhaps not the best model for beginners, if you have some experience, you may wish to try this method. We also like that this is another model that includes a foot pedal for simplicity.

V2R Auto Blend Electrolysis System


One of the last electrolysis machines on our list is this one from Biotechnique Avance. This is a blend tone electrolysis system that is going to reduce the unwanted hairs on your body very effectively. We are talking about reducing hair by up to 90 percent very quickly and in around one or two treatments. While this can be quite an expensive machine, it is able to deliver the same results that you would get in a salon. You can control the intensity so that you are comfortable and it uses a needle system. There is a one-year warranty with this product so you can know that your investment is protected if anything goes wrong.

AVX500/600 Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal Machine


This electrolysis machine is referred to as a galvanic unit. There are several modes you can choose from, as well as a foot pedal for easy use. We like the safety features, such as the overload protection. While this can seem like a bigger investment than some electrolysis machines, it is powerful. This means that you should require fewer treatment sessions. In other words, you should notice a difference faster.

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