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Edgar Meme – Explained

Edgar Meme

The internet is an interesting place. You can be entertained all day long and one thing that people love is memes. There are several that go viral and that everybody knows about. In particular, one that has been in circulation for many years and that a lot of people talk about is the Edgar meme.

Have you ever heard about the Edgar meme? This is a famous one that a lot of people know. So, if you hear people talking about it, you might be confused if you do not know all of the details. So, let’s learn a bit more about the Edgar meme so that you are not lost about the joke next time.

What is the Edgar Meme?

So, the first big question you are going to have is, what the Edgar meme? Well, let’s start by saying that this meme actually began 15 years ago and was first created in 2006. In particular, it was a video called ‘Edgar’s Fall’ that started it all and it was uploaded to YouTube. This happened in Mexico. It was not long before this video started to become popular and it has enjoyed over 70 million views.

In the video, you can watch two Mexican cousins and their uncle as they are enjoying a hike in the wood. Their names are Edgar Martinez and Fernando, as well as Raul. In particular, Edgar was nervous about crossing a bridge, as this was only constructed from two long branches. This was what you had to use to get over the small stream through the woods. In the video, Fernando was joking to his cousin Edgar that he was going to push him. Of course, this was a joke and it was only meant to be funny. But, he decided to start moving the branches and this meant that Edgar lost his balance. Before long, he fell into the steam. This meant that Edgar was annoyed at his cousin.

A lot of viewers found this video hilarious. Indeed, the video went viral and it was even talked about in local newspapers at the time. It was not long before television channels and news reports talked about the video. In fact, people loved it so much that people played games and ringtones that honored the video. This is how the Edgar meme started to take off. It started to evolve and the Edgar meme was also in reference to a specific haircut. This is a high bald tapered hairstyle.

In particular, the Edgar haircut meme started to go further with an image that went viral in November 2017. In particular, someone posted an image on Facebook asking for help. Namely, someone had stolen his truck and he had managed to get a photo of the two teenagers. In particular, the person behind the wheel was short and had this Edgar haircut. Again, this went viral along with the original video that everyone is talking about.

There are a lot of rumors going around that the teenager in the Edgar meme killed himself. But, this is only speculation and there is nothing to confirm or deny that this has happened. It is very easy for a rumor to spread on social media whether it is true or false.

What is the Edgar Haircut? 

If you have not seen the Edgar haircut before, you might not be sure what it is. Well, the actual name for this haircut is the takuache hairstyle. It is similar to a bowl cut, which is why people have probably made it into a meme. A lot of people often make jokes about a bowl cut. Thus, the top is cropped and then the sides are high faded. The top can also be tyles or textured. In particular, it is a hair style that is enjoyed by a lot of Latino and Hispanic teenagers.

There are some people that really suit the Edgar haircut. When it is done correctly, a lot of people like how it looks. But, if it is more like a bowl cut, which led to the memes we have talked about, people will find it funny. So, if you like this haircut, it is best that you get a professional to do it for you. They are going to know how to do the takuache hairstyle and to make sure that it looks cool.

To Summarize

There are some memes that go viral and everyone seems to find them funny. But, they can be confusing when you first see them and they need some explaining. This has happened with the Edgar meme. Everyone has been talking about this one on the internet, as well as sharing images. But, if you do not know what they are referring to, it can be hard to find them funny. So, let’s summarize what we have explored in this post so that you understand the Edgar meme.

The Edgar first started quite a while ago. We are talking about back in 2006. In particular, it was a video that was taken and it was called Edgar’s Fall. It was put on YouTube and it gathered a staggering 70 million views. In particular, this video showed two cousins that were trying to cross a stream during a hike. The video was taken by their uncle. Of course, Edgar lost his balance and fell in, which a lot of people found funny. In particular, the cousin apologized to him but Edgar was annoyed by the situation.

Sometimes, people like to laugh at your misfortune. This is what happened to Edgar. This video took over the internet and a lot of people still find it funny. In fact, it has since evolved into a meme too. There was a teenager pictured that had stolen a truck and he had Edgar’s haircut. Again, this meme is found hilarious by a lot of people and it is circulating again. So, now you know where it has come from, you are going to understand it a lot better.

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