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Facebook: Top 9 Pictures 2020 and 2021 Get Yours!

Facebook: Top 9 Pictures

Well, the year 2020 and 2021 have been and gone. This is something that some people might be glad about and others might be living in the past. Either way, time stands still for nobody and everyone has got to go into the next year ready for what it might hold.

One of the good things is, social media always has your back. In other words, your memory might be poor and you have forgotten everything you have done in 2020 & 2021. Well, this does not mean that you have to forget about things. Instead, you can use social media to help you reminisce about the year you had in 2020 & 2021. We are talking about viewing your top pictures on Facebook. Are you not sure of how to do this? Well, we are going to explore the topic in our guide.

Where Did This Trend Start?

First of all, you might not realize that this trend all started because of Instagram. In particular, they allowed you to find your most popular posts of the year and would show you nine photos. In particular, an app called Top Nine would create a wonderful collage and be a good way to view your year in photos. This could be anything from hanging out with your friends to meeting your favorite celebrity.

However, not everybody uses Instagram. In particular, one of the most popular social media platforms that a lot of people have is Facebook. So, a lot of people have wondered if this is a platform where you can also get your top nine pictures of 2020 or another year. 

Does Facebook Have a Top Nine Feature?

Unfortunately, we hate to disappoint you. Facebook does not have an app or feature on the website that is going to allow you to view your top nine photos of a year. But, one way you can do this manually is if you have a Facebook page. This is different from a personal profile. Instead, this is going to give you insights into what your most popular posts or images are. This could allow you to create your own top nine photos. If you do have a Facebook page, you will find your insights as a tab at the top of your cover photo. Then, you can view all of the statistics about your post.

How Can I Create My Own Top Nine?

If you have an ordinary Facebook profile, you might wonder how you can join in with the trend. As we have said, this is not a feature that is going to come up automatically. This is surprising since Facebook can be great for celebrating certain milestones. For example, you can often see birthdays and how long you have been friends with someone. But, if you want to show off your best photos of 2020 or another year, you are going to have to do this one yourself.

Therefore, you are going to be creating a collage. You are going to have to select your favorite nine photos. This might take some time as you will have to look through your own Facebook albums, as well as any images you are tagged in on the social media site. You can also look on your own camera roll or any other social media sites so that you can find your favorite photos for the collage.

Thankfully, there are a lot of apps out there that are going to create a collage for you. All you will have to do is download the app and upload the images onto it. Then, you can select a nine-photo collage and get started. It will be automatically generated for you. All that will be left is to save this image and you can download it onto Facebook. You can share it as a post on your Facebook and let everyone see your nine favorite photos from 2020 or beyond. It can be a lovely way to reflect on the year and reminisce with friends about everyone you have enjoyed and achieved from the last 12 months. While it can seem like a hassle to have to go through all of the images yourself, it will be worth it.

To Summarize

Gone are the days of having photos printed and waiting for cameras to develop. Most people take photos on their smartphones now and they upload them to social media. All of their images are stored online and on Instagram and in Facebook albums. But, would it not be nice if you could view some of the best photos you have taken from the past year? This is something that people have been enjoying when it comes to Instagram. But they also want to do it on Facebook. Let’s summarize what we have learned in this post.

Unfortunately, it appears that the top nine pictures is something that only applies to images on Instagram. In other words, the app only works when the photos you have on Instagram, automatically generating your top images from the past year. There is no doubt that this is a cool feature, which made people curious about whether they could do it on Facebook. But, there is no feature or app so far that is able to do this for Facebook.

The only option you have is to manually create a collage of images yourself. You can look through all of the photos that are on Facebook, as well as on your camera roll and other social media websites. Then, you can create them in to your own collage. There are apps that allow you to create one. You just have to choose the images manually.

It would be a lot easier if there was an app that could do all of this for you. But, at least you have some freedom on the images you choose for the collage. This can ensure that you like them and want to share them again with your friends, family and colleagues on social media.

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