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Virgin Vs Chad Meme Explained

Virgin Vs Chad Meme Explained

When you are on the internet, there are so many memes out there to enjoy. This is one of the fantastic things about the world wide web. People from across the world can share funny images and videos with each other. There is someone out there that shares the same sense of humor as you.

But, there are some memes that do not make a lot of sense. Sometimes, this means that you have to learn about what is going on so that you can join in the joke. For example, people have been asking about the Virgin Vs Chad meme. Do you know what this one is? If you are not familiar with this meme, let’s take a look at it.

What is the Virgin Vs Chad Meme?

You probably see memes every day. But, some stick around for longer than others. In particular, the Virgin Vs Chad meme is one of them. While you might just be discovering this meme now, it has actually been on the world wide web for years. We are talking about since 2017. So, it is not a new meme. But it is clearly one that people like.

So, what is the meme? Well, it features two characters. They are both cartoons. You have one guy that is confident and muscular. Then, you have a guy that is walking away and dressed in black. He does not seem so confident and has a shy demeanor. So, on one hand, you have the ‘virgin’ who is shy and introverted. You could also say that he is innocent. Then, you have the opposite side of the spectrum; Chad. He is the alpha male who is confident and self-asserted.

Essentially, this meme is about the two types of people you will meet in life. You have the overly confident and ‘in-your-face’ kind of people. Then, you have the shy and quiet type of people. People like that this meme almost displays real life and how people can be so different in how they present themselves.

This meme is one that was created on MS Paint and it spread online quite fast. This was thanks to 4chan. You might also see this cartoon illustration referred to as Virgin Walk. In particular, people were fascinated at how the ‘virgin’ was depicted. For instance, he was looking down and avoiding eye contact. In addition, he had a slouched back and stiff arms. You could tell by how it was created that the guy had no confidence in the way he presented himself.

Then, when people liked the ‘virgin’ depiction, Chad was created. Of course, as we have discussed, he is the complete opposite. He has huge muscles and clearly was full of himself. People compared his hair to the cartoon classic Johnny Bravo. He had a straight back and confident arms, looking like your typical ‘gym bro.’

Who is GigaChad?

So, now that you know about the Virgin Vs Chad meme, you are probably wondering what GigaChad is. Well, it would be natural to assume that it was something to do with this meme. Well, the answer is yes and no. GigaChad is not actually a meme but a person. In fact, it is the nickname that is given to Ernest Khalimov, which is a Russian model.

The reason why Ernest Khalimov is nicknamed GigaChad is that people think that he is a huge Chad. In other words, they believe he is very confident, attractive and an alpha male. So, this is how he acquired this nickname. Indeed, it is based on the Virgin Vs Chad meme that people like on the internet.

Does he know that he has this nickname? Well, it is hard to be sure. But, if he does see it pop up on comments from him, he is going to be able to find out what it means. Is it an insult? Not in the case of Ernest Khalimov. People are basically saying that you are a very attractive and handsome man. This is definitely something that you should take as a compliment. There is no doubt that some people could use this as an insult. You will have to read into the context and see if you can figure it out.


If there is one thing that is sure to make you laugh when you are down, it is viewing memes on the internet. There are so many funny ones out there and those that are also relatable. They will keep you amused for hours. But, there are some memes that need some explanation first so that they can be fully appreciated. One that we are talking about is Virgin Vs Chad. Let’s summarize what we have learned about this meme, as well as GigaChad.

We all know that you are going to meet different people in your life. Some people are going to be loud and all about themselves. Others are going to be shy and subdued, not very confident within themselves. Well, this is something that the Virgin Vs Chad meme alludes to. It points out two types of men that you can meet in life. You have the ‘virgin’ and the ‘chad.’

First of all, the ‘virgin’ is someone that is shy and avoids eye contact. They do not appear confident and walk with their head down. Then, you have Chad that is the complete opposite. They are very confident and considered to be alpha males. While the meme is exaggerated, it makes an interesting point.

Then you have GigaChad. This is not a meme but a person. In particular, it is the nickname for Ernest Khalimov. Indeed, it is based on the meme and it is basically referred to the fact that this model is very attractive and confident. It can be used as a compliment and in this case, it is. But, there are also going to be some circumstances where if someone calls you a Chad, it might be an insult too.

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