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Ways of expanding your business with help of modern Instagram marketing tools

How To Use Instagram Reels for Digital Marketing?

Nowadays social media is widely used to elevate and expand one’s business. 81% of the respondents look for products and services on Instagram, according to the survey of Facebook. Inc. It is a common platform for bloggers, marketing managers, shops and sellers to promote their products. With last year’s update the app allowed its users to sell the products and services directly through the publications which made it even more effective and popular among both sellers and customers. 

The popularity of Instagram when it comes to marketing and promotion has become a reason for a great competition for publicity among the business and influencer`s accounts. The competition made it obvious that the usage of Instagram marketing tools is necessary nowadays to stand out on the market. Worth mentioning that the app has a variety of its own marketing tools on offer, however they are not enough to make the potential customers discover your product. That’s why using alternative and more advanced tools is a must nowadays. There are even those automated systems that can even replace a real SMM manager. For example, Instagram bot tool Inflact. The bot is meant to help you with managing a lot of tasks which are needed to be done to grow your business and sales on Instagram for a short period of time. Below you can find a list of tasks to manage and the tools you can use when it comes to promoting your products on Instagram and gaining publicity and visibility.  

  •             Research

When you’re launching a business or trying to become an influencer it’s important to spend some time on research. Research isn’t only useful when it comes to learning about your niche and competitors. You will get a lot of inspiration and realization of how the sphere works and what instruments will be relevant for attracting your target audience. The User research tool can make this process even more productive, because it gives the opportunity to find out when your rivals publish their content and the hashtags they use. The Profile Analyzer allows you to analyze any public account.

  •             Use hashtags 

Using hashtags is necessary to be visible. This is the easiest way people can find out about your product and become your customer. The world of hashtags is very changeable, that’s why it can be difficult to always be in touch with current trends. The usage of marketing tools is necessary. It is not only about saving your time. The AI-based system creates hashtags automatically by analyzing the particularities of your business and your content. You can be sure that all the hashtags you use are trendy and relevant with the tools Hashtag Generator and Hashtag Trends.

  •             Follow your competitors

As it was mentioned before, following your competitors is vital. Besides the fact that their ideas may work for your audience as well, you will always be in touch with leading marketing trends. One of the business rules is that it’s good when you know everything about them and they yet haven’t found out about you. However, creating fake accounts we don’t really recommend. This can be exhausting and suspicious for those accounts you’re spying on. Instagram Story Viewer allows you to watch the stories of any public account anonymously without them finding out about you. You can even download their stories to come back to them later or for the analytics. 

  •             Create an aesthetic design for yourself

Aesthetic design is the first thing that can help you to stand out from the crowd. Creative content, bio and fonts will definitely encourage your potential customer to click on your profile and learn more about your product. That will increase the chance of this person to become your customer in the future. 

Looking for outstanding fonts on the internet may be really tiring and make your opportunities limited. Here Instagram tools may be of great help for you as well. For example, Fonts Generator, which will allow you to use more than 80+ fonts and give you a lot of creative freedom. Your personal aesthetics will never leave you unnoticeable among your potential customers. 

Now you know all the tasks and tools to make your experience with Social Media Marketing on Instagram more pleasurable and efficient, how to make profit while promoting your products and services on this platform and how to gain publicity. Boost your sales by conducting decent research, following your competitors, using hashtags and standing out by using advanced design tools!

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