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7 Rare Social Media Marketing Tips You’ve Never Heard

Social media marketing changes like the wind online, which means that you have to be extra vigilant about launching and running your various campaigns. In the spirit of education, I’m going to give you the 7 absolute BEST pieces of advice I’ve ever heard about social media over the last few years. 

The Countdown To Better Social Media Practices


#1: Social Media Marketing is a Game of Hiding and Seek

One of the best pieces of advice I was ever given about social media marketing is that it’s a game of hiding and seek. We are programmed to think, that if we do our content strategies correctly, we will be rewarded with lots of fans and interactions. That’s just not true. As content competition grows, only 2 things will save you.

The 2 things are – competitor content analysis and consistent content publication. Your competitors are publishing all the time, effectively ‘hiding’ your content so that no one can find it. To stop this from happening – ‘seek’ out their strategies and outdo them! Social media marketing only works well when you publish often. Very often.

#2:  Content Curation Saves You Time and Money

Social media marketing is all about content. You need to supply your social media pages with high-quality content that engages your audience. With professional writing services and designers, it’s easy, but how do you do this when you’re a small business owner with limited time and money? By curating content along with your original content. Don’t only be an authority be the most rounded, current news in your niche.

#3: Patience and Platform is Key to Everything

In social media marketing, two stumbling blocks can make or break a new campaign Unprene DarkWeb. They are patient and platform choices. The social internet moves like lightning, except when you need it too! That’s why being patient is an essential trait of a successful social media strategist. Wait and see – that should be your testing motto.

As for platform – don’t be put off an idea just because it didn’t work on your chosen platform. Also, remember to track Twitter followers or Facebook followers to know your growth statistics.  Many small business owners fail to run a successful Facebook competition for example, so they never run another online competition again. What about Twitter? Pinterest? Vine? The madness can be in the platform and not the method, you know.

#4: Choose One Social Platform, and Master It

Bad advice tends to stick to small businesses, which is why you’ll often find empty social pages all over the place. Social media marketing is about building a quality presence on a single platform. Then mastering that platform. Then combining your efforts – and stringing together a few great pages to make an impressive social profile.

It’s not about being on a thousand networks – even the ones you haven’t heard of, in Russia. If you only have time to work properly on one platform, then pick one. Social media is about ROI, not owning empty social real estate. It’s nice that you’re there, but if you can’t convert your social media marketing fans into buyers, there is no point.

#5: Automation Does Not Give You Automated Results

Let’s get something straight – it’s good to automate some of your social media marketing processes. But so many people think that ‘automation’ means ‘leaving your pages alone, to run independently of you.’ This isn’t the case. You still need to check in every day and respond to people. You can’t automate conversation, you’re not Skynet!

Automation used properly allows you to publish tips and tricks at your leisure, but it is no substitute for quality interaction. Social media marketing has way too many pages and feeds that are automated. This is a two-way conversation, not a microphone.

#6: It’s Not About Who You Know, But What They Know

Social media marketing experts are always telling people to connect with authorities in their niche. This is great advice – no doubt. What they leave out, of course, is that once you have connected with an expert, you need to somehow access their knowledge and use it to further your own business goals Comtus Professional Baseball. This is much harder than connecting with someone.

So, it’s not who you know, but what they know – that’s what helps you. Can you get them to write guest posts for your blog? Can you make them an actionable part of your marketing campaigns? If not, then they are useless. The only way to turn an expert into a friend is to give them great content. Share their posts. Become an advocate.

#7: Sometimes It’s Okay To Try Something Spontaneous

You have probably read somewhere that planning always comes before success. We become so obsessed with plans that we forget that sometimes it’s alright to just try new things. Innovation comes from all sorts of places. It’s great to be a good planner, but don’t forget to be that social media marketing person who isn’t afraid to take risks.

BONUS! One Piece of Advice You Always Get, and Should IGNORE!

Don’t let your employees use social media! This one single piece of advice has kept small business owners from rapid growth because of social media. Let your employees be advocates for your brand just lay down some ground rules first. They will help you with the exposure you need to drive traffic and increase sales.

I hope that these seven pieces of social media marketing advice have changed your perspective on certain parts of your marketing campaigns. Maybe now you can re-evaluate your strategies and integrate something powerful into your online business plan. After all, good advice is only good if you take it!


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