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10 Must Have iPhone Apps

10 Must Have iPhone Apps

With the advancements in smartphone technology, consumers these days have the luxury of downloading hundreds of apps. There are multiple apps these days for almost everything you can think of – lifestyle, sports, productivity. Gaming apps have always been popular, but with modern society becoming more aware of the need to manage one’s lifestyle, we have apps that are specialized for mental health, fitness, and more. With the plethora of options you have the moment you open the App Store; it is essential that we know which apps are a must-have and which ones we can afford to miss. With the issue of storage that comes with small phones, especially iPhones that have limited storage space, we must pick out apps that are an absolute necessity. For example, an app like Pixie, which is a Bluetooth tracker that can function as a key finder. You may know how I  find my iPhone just go through this guide.

10 Must Have iPhone Apps You Can’t Afford to Miss

Some apps are not available on the App Store or are exclusive to the app store. The Pixie Bluetooth tracker is one such app which is only available for the iPhone. To know more about helpful apps like this key tracker, read on to find a list of ten must-have apps that you need to have. We help you to choose best tracker

1. Any.Do

For those who love organizing, the app version of Any.Do can be life-changing. This Productivity app can help you make lists of things you have to do, grocery lists, and customized lists of anything you wish to have. The grocery lists are practical and come with the automatic categorization of products. You can also make multiple grocery lists for different locations. Every morning, Any. Do has a “Moment” where it reminds you of all the things you have to do and helps you push it to the next day or set a particular time for it. The smooth blue and white interface can be swapped for a darker theme.

2. Pixie

The Pixie Bluetooth tracker is a crucial revolutionary key finder that works using a Bluetooth tracker, which is attached to your set of keys and then tracked with the Pixie tracker app. It is arguably the best app for finding lost stuff and is ideal for people who suffer their belongings often. The Pixie Tracker team provides you with a Bluetooth tracker device that is shaped like guitar picks, which you can attach to your set of keys. Once you download the pixie tracker app, you can tap on the item that you connected the key tracker to, and instantly a simulation of your surroundings will pop up. The app tells you how far you are from the object you are trying to find, which is how the pixie Bluetooth tracker functions as a key tracker. The whole process is a simple technology that is so well-designed that It has become the best app for finding lost stuff.

3. Forest

If you have difficulty concentrating when you are working or studying, Forest might be the app for you. Forest presents to you a bare garden, on which you can grow trees – the saplings are planted when you start the timer on the app. If you move away from the app to any other application, for example, a social media app, the tree will die. You can only grow your garden if you stay away from phubbing and procrastinating. The design is a beautiful combination of earthy colors like pale green and dark brown. For people who suffer from attention deficiency and like games, Forest can be beneficial – it makes focusing similar to a game, where if you look away, your tree dies.

4. Google Maps

This addition may seem strange, especially since the iPhone already has an inbuilt Maps app. But if you need a navigation app that can meet all your needs, from calculating congestion, the cost of traveling, if you take public transport or avail services like Uber or Ola, you need to get Google Maps. Most people prefer it to Apple’s Maps, mostly because Maps has a history of getting locations wrong and giving wrong directions. Especially out of the USA, Maps have had a history of complaints about inaccurate navigation and being out of date. To be on the safe side, it is best to get Google Maps.

5. BillGuard

For college students (and other demographics who have a difficult time managing their expenses), a money tracking app that can help them manage their costs can be a gift from god. Bill Guard can also function as a bank app and can help you with managing your spending habits. If there is any service that you no longer use that continues to bill you for usage, Bill Guard will remind you to unsubscribe. Linking BillGuard to your bank server will help you keep track of each transaction, whether it be online or offline, and lets you categorize your expenses. Having a clearer idea of your finances can help you spend less.

6. Dropbox

Having cloud storage that you can update your photos and documents is a necessity, especially if you own an iPhone. iPhones have limited storage and people who use a large number of applications, or take a lot of photos, will quickly run out of space. This is why backing up your data frequently to a service like DropBox is essential. Although its alternatives like Google Drive or OneDrive will also work fine, DropBox offers extended cloud storage that is not related to operating systems like Windows or Apple. If you lose your phone or laptop, you can access all your files online on DropBox’s website. There is also a desktop app you can sync your data to.

7. Musi

Most Apple users these days have an Apple Music, especially after they began to offer a student discount. But for those who cannot afford premium paid streaming services like Apple Music or Spotify, Musi may be of great help. Musi allows you to play and download the audio from videos uploaded to YouTube. There are thousands of more tracks available on YouTube than on any of the primary streaming services. So, if your favorite artist uploads his or her music video or a new song to YouTube, you can save it to your Musi playlist and enjoy it whenever you want. Musi functions as an app that lets you close YouTube and still listen to music, something smartphone users across the world have wanted to do for ages.

8. Flo

This app is a must-have for those who menstruate. Flo helps you keep track of menstrual symptoms every day, from your mood changes (you have a variety of options to choose from) to vaginal discharge. It predicts your next period based on the data and symptoms you enter. You can also use Flo to track water intake and sexual activity. It can track sleep patterns, physical ailments, etc. You can choose a special mode that helps you get pregnant, reminding you when the fertile window of each month draws close. Flo also has an interactive section, where women all over the world find a healthy community where they can talk about topics related to sex, womanhood, and sexuality.

9. Splitwise

Splitwise is a necessity for those who have group gatherings often. Splitwise keeps track of all the expenses each person takes up and helps you figure out who owes how much and to whom. Once you make a group of Splitwise with everyone added to it, you can add all the expenses to it, and the app will calculate how much each person owes or is owed after combining everything. The best way to use this app is to keep entering expenses as each person pays for something so that by the end of your meeting or outing, you have a clear answer to the amount that is owed.


While calorie tracking and food planning are often categorized under dieting, logging in all of the food that you eat in a day may help you eat healthier and more regularly. YAZIO enables you to keep track of all the food products you consume in a day, and lets you set a calorie limit for each day. The amount of exercise you have daily can also be added up so that the calories spent are subtracted from the calories consumed. If you keep sticking to a healthy calorie limit, you can rest assured you can increase or decrease your weight depending on what you want.

This comprehensive list of apps that most people do not think of downloading, like Pixie, can turn your phone even more multifunctional than it already is, effectively turning it into a physical wellness tracker or a key finder. From the best app for finding lost stuff to a fantastic period predictor, the app store has amazing options the new smartphone user can choose from.

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