4 Simple Techniques to use a Free VPN For Mac

4 Easy and Simple techniques to use a free VPN for Mac.

VPN is an abbreviation for a Virtual Private Network that enables users to send and receive data across networks. 

A VPN helps you secure all your online activities. VPN can be used for many purposes, such as bypassing geo-restrictions, preventing ISP surveillance, and bandwidth throttling. You may either get it for a subscription fee or use a working free Mac VPN

Now, many of us perceive that free VPNs don’t work the same way as premium ones do. They lack essential security features and or often associated with data theft or whatnot. Yes, it may be true for some free services, but not for all! 

If you’ve got a free VPN for Mac and want to make the most out of it, we’re here to guide you! 

In this guide, we’ll discuss four easy tips and techniques to use free VPNs on your Mac.  Before moving to the techniques, let’s discuss why we need to use a VPN. 

Why do we need to use a VPN?

The following reasons will make you understand why we need to use a VPN:

1. Staying safe online

The use of a VPN can help you stay safe online and secure your data. For example, suppose you are a freelancer and working at a cafeteria, which may be part of your daily routine. 

In that case, we all know these places are unencrypted using public wifi, making it easier for cybercriminals to access all your data, so encrypting this connection using a VPN means no more cyber crimes.

2. Unblocking websites

If you want to access any website that can’t be accessed using your current IP address, in that case, VPN can be used. For example, many websites restrict visitors because of their geographic locations or age restrictions. 

In such cases, VPN will help you deal with these problems by unblocking restricted sites, and providing a different IP address to enjoy these sites safely.

3. Bypassing censorship

Many countries, Like China, and Russia, are under strict internet censorship laws; these laws affect everyone within their range, so VPN plays a vital role by enabling people to be free from such laws, which makes their life easier.

4. Watching geo-blocked content

You might have noticed that sometimes popular movies or drama websites like Netflix often lack some of the movies you can’t watch. VPN fixes this problem by providing you with different IP addresses from countries where these movies work.

5. They were safely accessing the Dark and Deep Web.

When you are looking for some dark and deep web, it does not make you a criminal. Instead, it means you are accessing something unavailable within your shared browsing network, and using a VPN adds some extra layers of security that reduce the chances of risk.

4 Different Techniques to use VPN on Mac

Let’s discuss different techniques to use VPN on Mac: 

  • Split Tunneling for using VPN on Mac

Split tunneling is a technique that enables you to choose the apps, websites, or devices that use the VPN and can direct your network’s connection. When VPN connects your system, data migrates between your device and the Web, and a proxy server acts as a third party. So, split tunneling excludes the specified location, making browsing easier.

Some of the best VPNs for split tunneling in Mac are Surfshark, NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and much more, allowing the split tunneling option in Mac.

  • VPN on browser extensions

Another technique to use a VPN on Mac is a browser extension. You can simply install a plugin/add-on in your browser and start using it. For example, NordVPN is a popular VPN available as an extension in different browsing software like Google chrome.

You must remember that this extension is only limited to your browser, which means it only keeps your system safe from browsing traffic, not your computer traffic. It changes your IP address but also you can look at your real Ip for different connections.

  • VPN on your Router

This is another technique that consists of downloading a VPN on the router. This technique encrypts the connection between the device downloaded and the internet you are using.

You can also do that if you want to hide your IP address for all the devices within your home. Simply apply VPN on your router. This means no user interface will hide the device’s IP address, making it easier to surf anywhere on the internet.

  • VPN service on multiple devices

You can connect multiple devices using one of the popular VPNs like NordVPN. For example, using NordVPN, you can connect up to six Mac devices using a single account. 

Some of the NordVPN features have multiple platforms, but the basic principle remains the same, providing high-speed security and privacy while browsing, and this VPN can support 8 multiple platforms.

Wrapping it up!

Above, we have mentioned some of the basic techniques for using a VPN that will help you to operate the VPN on any Mac device, irrespective of geographical location or age limits. You can simply follow them and start using a free VPN without any hassle!

So, which technique is working for you? 

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