5 Adobe Shortcuts That Can Make Work Easier For You

5 Adobe Shortcuts That Can Make Work Easier For You

Are you tired of being stuck for hours in your Adobe Projects and getting nowhere? You were almost done with delivering a project, but the extra time it took to reach the right button or function ate up all the productivity that was left. Are you looking for simple yet effective solutions to such issues? Look no further because we have got you covered. This blog will help you out by introducing five Adobe shortcuts that can make work easier for you.

The “convert read-only PDF to edit” may not seem like an exclusively useful feature if we think about it, but there have been times when our team members accidentally saved documents as read-only, resulting in long consultation sessions with upper management. With this shortcut, these types of changes could be instantly fixed.

Let’s get started!

1) Alt + Backspace

One thing designers dread when working with Adobe is mistakenly erasing a layer(s) by clicking on delete layers instead of collapsing them together. Trying to combine them again can be frustrating, especially if there are several layers involved and some are hidden. You can save yourself from this frustration using this shortcut – ALT+ Backspace remains a designer’s best friend when one wants to erase pixels from multiple selections at once.

2) Ctrl + Shift + S 

Saving single files can be tedious enough; imagine if it had files numbering in the hundreds. Save time by using “Save Multiple Fragments,” allowing users to export/name images quickly without changing quality and file size each time they click “save as.” Specifically useful for digital artists who need multiple-sized artwork across various platforms (think graphics used for social media, website banners, etc.)

3) Ctrl + T / Cmd + T

Make use of the Free Transform command (Ctrl/Cmd+T), which enables transforming selected items around freely without affecting any other elements caught in its path. You would find yourself gravitating towards this every time one needs precision transformation on designs/graphics needing scaling/placement adjustments at ease.

4) Alt + Click

What if you could copy a layer lightning-fast instead of going through the menu icons and having to find it? Familiarize yourself with the Alt-click shortcut that opens up flexibility in the usual time taken to duplicate. Dragging and dropping is outdated; save storage, workspace, and time by installing duplicates every few moments effortlessly.

5) Spacebar + Hand Tool

Last but not least is one of our consistent favorites – the space bar+hand tool. It expands the scope of your design canvas while working on a project in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator quickly when scrolling becomes problematic. Grabbing onto any empty area while holding down on the spacebar temporarily shifts focus to the hand tool, allowing effortless movement around layers without leaving marks. 


There you go! In this blog post, we introduced five essential shortcuts that take care of some significant pain points for designers using Adobe platforms daily. Using these shortcuts can make work more enjoyable and result in saving enough valuable effort needed elsewhere during tight deadlines, with hidden advantages at each step along the way.

In summary, using keyboard commands would be an effective option no matter how boundless upgrades/tools/techniques become available for Adobe design programs. This is because they help minimize downtime/spending hours searching or thinking up solutions for everyday problems experienced by all designers with fresh perspectives/features to explore anytime you need them!

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