5 Most Helpful Apps for Students in 2022

5 Most Helpful Apps for Students in 2022

Time is never enough since the uphill task isn’t commensurate with the time available to students. It’s a good thing we got you covered so as not to experience drawbacks in your assignments.

Being a college student, you realize that you’re always behind on a deadline and don’t want to miss out on other activities. There seems to be so much to do in the semester, and you’re already feeling overwhelmed.

Suddenly, you’re made aware that your mobile phone was built to not only make and receive calls but also can be a powerful tool. There are several useful mobile apps for students that can come in handy and help you out in your academic journey.

Five Most Helpful Apps For Students

  1. Grammarly

Grammarly is the go-to tool for any student tired of losing a few points or even a grade over some grammatical errors. Grammarly makes sure everything you type is effective and mistakes-free. It scans your work for common grammatical mistakes such as misused commas, double spaces, wrong spelling, and so much more. It also helps you write with confidence and increase your productivity when writing assignments. With Grammarly, you can set dialect preferences so that your US English doc can easily be reworked into a UK version.

If you’re afraid of missing out on deadlines, or you want to contract your assignments out, check out LetsGradeIt to find the best writing service for you. They will be happy to help you meet that deadline with prompt delivery of routine tasks and assignments.

  1. Gmail

Gmail can help you schedule emails in order to meet up deadlines. This is Google’s Email Client service, which has tons of AI-assisted searching options. This app is light in weight and has a dark theme option to choose from not to damage your eyes. Its UI is well streamed and swift to use.

  1. Oxford English Dictionary

This is one of the best dictionaries that offer a wide range of words coverage with examples on how to use the words searched. This app is a must-have for those exposed to new words every day, like students studying linguistics or literature, because it will broaden your vocabulary and grammatical construct. With this app, you have the entire English world (word) in your palm.

  1. RefMe

This is a referencing app and a must-have for students who do reference tasks regularly. With this great app, time is conserved and can be used to chase other important activities or even read your books. RefMe is worth having because of its convenient nature. You simply have to scan the barcode and choose your referencing preference. That’s it, you’re done, and the app handles the rest.

  1. Google Drive

According to Wikipedia, Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization service that allows its users to store files in the cloud (on Google’s servers), share files, and also synchronize files across devices. With Google Drive, a student’s work becomes flexible as they are not restricted to a single device or limited due to storage space. A shared link among your coursemates is enough to get multiple people working on a single document all at the same time. It is brilliant for group projects and assignments.


With these helpful apps at your fingertip, there’s no need to fall behind on your work anymore. As you keep using the apps and getting better at them, your efficiency level increases. You can now turn the most tedious tasks to your advantage, thereby saving time to tend to other high-priority tasks.

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