5 Popular Gaming Apps for Students

5 Popular Gaming Apps for Students

It cannot be denied that we all enjoy playing popular mobile games between our busy college lectures and online lessons that become something that takes all our time. Nevertheless, as we try our best to avoid procrastination and meet deadlines, it is good to give several gaming apps a serious look as it helps to remain attentive and focused. Of course, you can play some arcade games or engage in your favorite shooter as it takes less than RPG quests, trying something a bit different will always pay off!

5 Popular Gaming Apps For Students

  1. Fit Brains Trainer App. 

As a college student, you have to try brain games at least once to train your memory, the way you think, concentrate, and overcome problems. This app will help you to remain focused all the time, which is a solid reason to play this game during the breaks. It has over sixty fun games that will be like tests, but you can customize things to fit your personality!

  1. Hidden Folks. 

This one will remind you about those “Where is Waldo” entertaining adventures. The trick is to find certain objects by examining the scene. It is a great way to relieve stress. Since it’s quite intense, it helps you to relax, which is a psychological trick. If you want to get rid of other challenges, consider expert essay writers for your writing needs. This way you can focus on games or things that you like without having to feel lost and confused as you look through your grading rubric!

  1. HQ Trivia Games.

This time, you can play various trivia games online and actually make money by sharing your skills. It might be a bit confusing at first as you only have ten seconds for a reply, but you slowly get there as you play more. Most importantly, you always learn and can post your trivia questions, too! 

  1. Memrise.

It’s a great gaming app that also helps you to learn a foreign language. Give it at least fifteen minutes daily, and you will see the results right away when you can order a cup of coffee somewhere in Spain or enjoy your beer in Germany. It has numerous topics and dialogues, all free of charge! 

  1. Peak Memory Game.

Imagine a special brain training app that focuses on more than one thing by including logic, reasoning, coordination of words, and even your creative skills. It’s a great mental training game that boosts your confidence. Developed in collaboration with the University of Cambridge, it runs on all platforms. Peak easily belongs to those must-have apps every student should use or at least try to see that you can study and play at the same time. It offers around thirty games at the moment, but also has a premium subscription to access even more. 

Why Do Educational Gaming Apps Help?

The answer is quite simple: they help to train one’s cognitive skills like memory, decision-making, focus, hand-to-eye coordination, perception of on-screen changes, and more. It becomes essential for college and school students, especially if the gaming app belongs to those cases when you can combine science and the elements of gamification. When you can satisfy your thirst for playing a game during a break or when you are facing writer’s block, it is a “win-win” situation.

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