Adobe Cloud Express: Drag and Drop Your Way to Creativity

Adobe Cloud Express: Drag and Drop Your Way to Creativity

Did you know that viewers form a first impression of a brand within 50 milliseconds? Images and graphic design are deciding factors in the gut feeling of prospective clients.

With that in mind, you’re missing out if you’re not capitalizing on all aspects of graphic design and marketing. Adobe Cloud Express is one of the best tools for the job and is surprisingly easy to pick up.

In this article, we’ll be going over some of the basics of Adobe Express and how to harness this software to make your photos and graphics pop. Read on to learn more!

What Is Adobe Cloud Express?

The Adobe Express Cloud is a set of free photo editing apps that make it easy for anyone to make their own logos, edit photos, and design ads and social media posts. Adobe designed this software with the intention of making it intuitive and with lots of documentation so laypeople and professionals alike can grow their photo editing skills.

It’s an easy way for a small business owner to start producing high-quality, professional content without the hassle of learning complicated skills.

How Does Adobe Cloud Express Work?

Cloud Express is based on templates, so all the hard parts are done for you. You have access to thousands of pre-designed, versatile, and professional templates that you can then drag your photos and graphics onto. So, although you’re using standardized templates, you still end up with a fully unique and personalized piece.

Essentially, it takes the complicated parts out of the process leaving you with the creative parts! For example, say you want to cut out parts of a photo and incorporate them into a graphic social media ad. With the background remover tool, you can snip out precise parts of your photo and layer them into your template to create a clean and striking image.

Versatility for Professionals

If you already have extensive experience with Adobe photo editing, you’ll still be able to enjoy Cloud Express. It syncs easily with the Creative Cloud Suite, which means you can use both rich photo editing software and some of the straightforward tools from Cloud Express on the same project.

So, you can automate the simple parts of the project while still harnessing the powerful apps of the full Creative Suite to make your projects take half the time.

Easy Integration

If you have a staff of a few people who need to work with shared resources, you’ll love how easy it is to collaborate on projects. Cloud Express is built into Adobe’s Shared Libraries so all your teams can work together and access online photo editing tools!

Harness Adobe Photo Editing Today

Adobe has always been the top company for photo editing tools, although they can be complicated for beginners. The time you spend deciphering the software is time you could have been spending working on your business.

Adobe Cloud Express offers tons of easy photo editing tools so you can take advantage of the functionality of Adobe without losing your time and getting a headache in the process! Give it a try and work through a few of their tutorials today and see how it can work for you.

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