Digital Gift Cards: Why Are They Rising In Popularity?

Digital Gift Cards: Why Are They Rising In Popularity?

Digital gift cards continue to remain a popular form of gift-giving. The global gift cards market was valued at $619.25 billion in 2019. This eye-watering figure is expected to reach 1,922.87 billion by 2027, growing.

Digital gift cards can be an excellent present substitution. If the recipient is difficult to buy for, or you are unsure about what to get them, a digital gift card can be helpful. Here are a few additional reasons digital gift cards are still rising in popularity.

Easy To Buy

Online shopping has become the preferred way of purchasing gifts. It is an accessible way to find a present and order it without leaving the comfort of your home. If you are unlikely to see the recipient soon, you can choose to have presents delivered. The same applies to digital gift cards.

You can buy them from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or pc and have them emailed to the recipient. Additionally, you can even convert your Bitcoin to a gift card using platforms like Paxful. The site allows its users to use their Bitcoin to get a gift card. This is a great option for fully utilising their Bitcoin investment.

Sent Last Minute

If you have forgotten to purchase someone a birthday present, fear not; digital gift cards can be bought and emailed to the recipient on the same day. Having this option is ideal for those who have left buying a gift till the last minute. It ensures that they can still send a gift to celebrate, despite buying it on the day.

No Worries Of Delays

Aside from being the perfect last-minute gift, choosing to gift someone a digital gift card means that there are no fears of delays. Many of us have experienced the sheer panic of purchasing something last minute to discover that it may or may not arrive in time. Even if something is bought early, unforeseen delays could push the delivery date to a time that is cutting it fine.

Since a digital gift card can be bought and sent on the day, it helps to remove that fear of a gift not arriving on time due to a delay in delivery. Instead, the only worry or fear a person might have is remembering the recipient’s birthday or the day the celebration occurs.

Can Be A Thoughtful Gift

Many will argue that a digital gift card is not a personal gift. However, a digital gift card can be a thoughtful gift. It could be for a coffee shop that the recipient frequently visits or from a brand that the recipient purchases from regularly.

Choosing a digital gift card from somewhere they love and purchase from regularly is a thoughtful gift. It shows that you have thought about the person’s likes and interests and have purchased a digital gift card accordingly.

There are plenty of pros to digital gift cards, some of which outweigh the cons. Consider a digital gift card if you are on the fence about what to gift someone for their birthday or a special occasion. They are a popular choice of gift-giving for a reason and one that will continue for the years to come.

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