Comparison of Assignment Writing Services and ChatGPT for Academic Needs

Comparison of Assignment Writing Services and ChatGPT for Academic Needs

Student life can be overwhelming. Besides the fun of leaving for college and making new friends, young adults have to endure many hardships.

Students deal with various responsibilities and have to meet strict academic requirements and deadlines. Some even balance their education with part-time or full-time employment, which can be incredibly challenging.

No wonder students look for ways to make those tasks more manageable. It includes the search for tools that can help with college tasks. One might think, “Who could write paper review? Should I get help with assignments from experts or use ChatGPT?”. In this guide, we will compare two primary options in this regard: an assignment writing service like writepaper and an AI-powered GPT chat. The goal is to evaluate both options’ pros and cons and determine whether AI can replace time-tested platforms for custom writing services.

GPT Chat: Pros and Cons

What is Chat GPT? It is a chatbot that uses AI and natural language processing to respond to human inquiries. It can answer random questions, summarize articles, or generate texts based on prompts. Although it is not designed for academic purposes, it can be used for college needs.

Pros of Using GPT Chat

  • The app is free, so students do not have to pay anything;
  • It has an intuitive interface, which makes it very comfortable to use;
  • The results are immediate. So you can get your answers right away.

Cons of Using ChatGPT

  • Lack of creativity and originality. The app generates the text based on the already existing data. Although it is quick, it might be unoriginal and inauthentic;
  • The AI-generated texts are detectable. There are plenty of solutions like GPTZero that analyze whether the text is written by a human or by OpenAI;
  • Questionable quality. The quality depends on the prompt and the source material. The risk of getting low-quality results is quite high;
  • Lack of fact-checking. Unlike a professional assignment writing service, the algorithm cannot verify the data given in the argument;
  • It cannot handle complex tasks like dissertations. Although it might be excellent in simple things, working on an advanced task requires a more advanced approach;
  • Any technology can run into errors and failures. A recent report shows that ChatGPT became less accurate after the release.

Comparison of Assignment Writing Services and ChatGPT for Academic Needs

Assignment Writing Services: Pros and Cons

ChatGPT is a relatively new solution, while professional assignment writing help form Writepaper has existed for years. Custom writing platforms offer collaboration with experts that can help with all types of college needs.

Pros of Using an Writepaper

  • Custom approach. Students can request any type of custom writing with specific requirements. Experts can emulate the personal style and take care of formatting;
  • Full originality. Experts deliver plagiarism-free and original texts with plagiarism reports;
  • Data protection. Such platforms ensure complete confidentiality and security of sensitive private data for all customers;
  • Impressive range of services. Students can order anything, from essays to dissertations. Experts also deliver editing and proofreading;
  • You work with experts who are educated and experienced in specific fields;
  • Learning opportunity. Collaboration with an Writepaper allows learning and understanding the topic better. Experts offer guidance and share insights on the matter.

Cons of Using an Assignment Writing Service

  • Custom writing service is not free, unlike ChatGPT. The prices are reasonable for the quality of service;
  • The result won’t be ready in seconds or minutes. Usually, it might take at least six hours to do an assignment. As humans and not an algorithm do it, it will take longer;
  • Sometimes you might request revisions and edits. However, all credible platforms offer free and unlimited revisions.

Reputation and Credibility

When it comes to assignment help services vs. OpenAI comparison, it is essential to look at the bigger picture. Writepaper have a long and established reputation. They have been working for decades with an impressive track record.

ChatGPT is a new solution that is far from being perfect. Besides lacking human touch and understanding of the greater context, it has limitations. Let’s not forget that it is not designed to provide academic texts. Secondly, it is prone to errors as any technology. Thirdly, the quality of results it offers could be better.

Also, the app has a word limit of 4,096. It means that it cannot help with longer and more complex assignments. On the contrary, there are no limitations when it comes to professional help services. Students get individual approaches, full originality, and unlimited edits.

Also, AI-generated texts are easily detectable. And there have already been cases where students were expelled for using ChatGPT.


Based on compared pros and cons, we do not recommend AI writing as a substitute for a professional assignment writing service. Although ChatGPT is quick and free, it has limitations and cannot create original content. The results depend highly on the prompt, and the quality might be low.

Collaboration with an assignment writing service is not free but comes with an individual approach, expert guidance, and guaranteed quality. Students can order any kind of writing and be sure that they are getting plagiarism-free results. And they know that their personal data is protected. So if you need excellent assignment help, we recommend WritePaper as one of the top platforms out there.

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