Expand Beyond the Internet with Out-of-Home Media

Expand Beyond the Internet with Out-of-Home Media

Technology has changed so many things over the last couple of decades. In the last twenty years alone, there has been a massive shift in the way people accomplish daily tasks when it comes to cell phones alone. In the early two thousand, before the boom of smartphones, it wasn’t uncommon for people to know how to operate road maps, now most people use their phones to navigate to the grocery store. 

Technology has created a lot of good in society and has allowed for more connection than ever before. Advancements in medicine have allowed for greater access to health care and more powerful ways of treating sickness and disease. When it comes to the fields of business and commerce, the digital age has completely transformed the landscape. Online shopping and the internet have empowered people like never before with more options for their goods and services.

One thing that all of these advancements have done is allowed customers to have more information than at any time in human history. For marketing departments, technology has allowed for a lot of powerful new ways to connect with customers and create brand awareness and loyalty. That being said, there is still one method of marketing and advertising that has been around for decades and continues to be highly effective.

Despite the rise in technology and the push of the digital age, out-of-home media continues to be one of the most reliable and effective means of growing brand awareness and establishing brand validity. In fact, one of the detriments that the internet, smartphones, and endless amounts of apps have brought, is that they can overstimulate the average consumer. With so much messaging constantly coming their way, it can be hard to establish a meaningful connection through marketing.

This is where out-of-home media, or OOH, has always had an advantage and continues to lead the industry. These outdoor advertisements are a cost-effective way of spreading a brand to millions of people and have stood the test of time because they simply work. 

If you have been wondering what OOH media is and why you should be interested in it? Here is everything you need to know!

What Are The Benefits of OOH Media?

The most famous example of OOH media that everyone is familiar with is the billboard. This massive sign is a great example of what OOH media is, and why it’s so impactful. These advertisements are specifically designed to catch the attention of anyone who comes into certain proximity of them. There are several benefits of OOH media that make it a great choice for brands that are wanting to grow their recognition and establish validity. Here are some of the top benefits. 

Variety of Options

When putting together an OOH media campaign, one of the advantages that marketing departments will love is the sheer variety of options when it comes to OOH media. Billboards are the most famous pieces, but there are a lot of ways you can use OOH media. Bust stop shelter panels and urban panels outside of subways are a great way to reach daily commuters in large cities. Taxi cab and gas pump advertisements are incredible tools for local advertisement, while billboards in populated areas or along highways can service national brands. 

Not only that, but you also have the style of OOH media. With advancements in technology, you can use digital-out-of-home media or DOOH. These can be digital billboards, spectaculars, or even mobile digital advertising trucks. Being able to use a digital medium gives the advantage of creating vibrant images, using sound and visual effects, and even having some interactive abilities. 

Cost Effective and Low Maintenance

One of the main reasons that OOH media has been so successful over the years and continues to be successful, is that it is cost-effective. That’s because one advertisement has the ability to reach millions of people through the span of its campaign life. Once the advertisement has been placed, it takes little to no maintenance to keep up and running. 

In highly trafficked cities like New York City, or Chicago, one billboard can reach millions of people and have a huge impact. 

Brand Establishment

Another way that OOH media helps businesses, is that it establishes brand validity. The most loved and trusted brands in the world have used this form of marketing. Because so many trusted brands have utilized OOH media, it’s given this form of marketing a sense of validity that’s hard to get from other forms of marketing campaigns. 


Using OOH media for a marketing campaign is a time-tested way to help grow your brand awareness and recognition. This form of marketing has a lot of advantages that can go further than other forms of marketing such as the internet, or even social media campaigns. With years of success behind it, OOH media is worth checking out.

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