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10 Must Have Gifts for Artists and Painters

Gifts for Artists and Painters
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Do you have family or friends who are artists, and you’d like to find them a brilliant gift? It can be difficult to know what type of tech gift your artist or painter may want or need. So, we’ve created a list of the 10 gifts that are guaranteed to make any painter or artist happy! We bet any of these will be a great hit!

1). The Original Buddha Board

This is a great gift for artists and painters who would like to try their idea out before using real paper, ink, paint, or a canvas. The Buddha Board comes with a “canvas” and a stand, along with a bamboo brush. All you have to do is dip the brush in water and then “paint” on the canvas. The effect resembles a Japanese style of painting, which is beautiful. As the canvas dries, the “ink” will vanish, leaving behind a clean surface.

The canvas is made of an absorbent material and is 12” high x 9” wide, and ¼” thick. And the brush handle is made of bamboo, and the bristles are extremely soft.

This type of “instant art” makes it easy for an artist to prepare their concept on the board, before using up expensive materials such as canvas, paints, inks and paper. If they’d like to save their creation, it’s easy to take a digital photo of the image before it disappears.

Painting with the Buddha Board is a great way to relieve stress. Just create any type of image, doodle, and more. You’ll feel relaxed and calm. In fact, some people use this as a meditation help.

The Buddha Board can be used at home, work, or even at the coffee shop. Work on that new concept, or just use the board to relax.

The Buddha Board is a great gif that will be appreciated by the whole family. What a great conversation piece, too!

2). LitEnergy Tracing LED Light Box

This s a portable LED light pad, which can be used like a traditional light box. The pad is super thin, and the light from pad clearly illuminates images, making tracing fast and easy. It connects to your computer or laptop via USB.

The LitEnergy tracing pad is easy to turn off and off—just touch the pad and the light will go on or off! And it’s easy to adjust the brightness by pressing the switch for several seconds until the brightness is where you’d like it.

The pad is extremely thin, so it’s easy to take anywhere. The pad measures L14.2” x W10.6” x H0.2”. the work area is 9”x12”. It weighs just 1.5 pounds.

This is a gift any artist or painter will be sure to appreciate for years to come.

3). The RocketBook Everlast Mini Notepad

Artists love to be able to draw when and where they get the urge. That’s why the RocketBook Everlast Mini Notepad makes a great gift! This gives the artist who want to have a notepad and pen to start drawing or sketching any time, wherever they are, even on the bus or plane.

The mini pad has 48 reusable pages. And it’s also a digital notebook! While the notebook itself isn’t electronic, if you’d like to save a drawing, then just use the free RocketBook app (available on Android & iOS) on your smartphone to take a picture. The picture will then be uploaded to your favorite cloud service, such as Google Drive.

When the pages are filled, just wipe them clean with the included wipe cloth. There’s no need to buy more paper to refill the notebook—the pages are reusable! Clean them off and start again—it’s that easy!

4). Wacom One Pro Drawing Tablet

The Wacom One is a light drawing tablet, that also comes with an affordable price tag. This is a drawing tablet that’s easy for artists of all ages to use—from kids to adults. You’ll find this drawing tablet replaces your mouse and turns your computer into a digital canvas where you can draw and paint.

The tablet is battery-free and uses a pressure sensitive pen (which is also battery-free) that allows you to draw thinner or thicker lines, depending on how hard you push on the pen.

The Wacom drawing tablet is compact and portable and has an active working area of 6.0×3.7 inches. And it can be configured to work with right- or left-handed artists.

5). Friendly Swede’s Brush & Stylus

Your painter or artist may work mostly in digital medium; however, they may still miss the feel of a real, bristled brush. That’s where the Swede Brush & Stylus comes in! This is a stylus that comes with a brush tip, along with other tips, giving any artists the ability to paint and draw amazing digital images.

The stylus comes with a precision disc tip, microfiber tip, brush, and more. It can also be used as a ballpoint pen, making this a very versatile tool!

This stylus pen is designed to be compatible with any capacitive touch screen device.

6). Apple iPad Pro 4th Generation

Apple iPads have become synonymous with digital artists and painters. The Apple iPad Pro 4th generation follows the iPad tradition when it comes to art. These tablets are easy to take with on the go. And they offer amazing power for artists to do work of any type—from the hobby level on up to the pros.

The iPad 4th generation is fitted with a liquid retina display, along with the ProMotion technology that runs the screen at 120Hz, which makes all strokes produced with the Apple pencil appear immediately, as they would on paper.

This tablet can be used for painting or drawing, and much more.

7). Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil features the precision and responsiveness artists and painters need. When using the pen, you’ll notice a natural fluidity, which also comes with a wide range of versatility. Your iPad can be used to take notes, draw, and much more.

This is a comfortable, ergonomic writing tool that feels natural in the hand. There are no wires or moving parts, which make it effortless to use and store.

8). Great Useful Stuff G.U.S Multi-Device Charging Station Dock & Organizer

With all of the digital tools that artists and painters use, they’ll definitely need a place to keep it all organized. Check out this organizer which doubles as a charging station dock, too!

There’s no need to mess with tangled cables, or even wonder which cable goes with which device. Everything is kept in one place and organized. No more mess or lost chargers!

This charging station is made to accommodate devices of all types including tablets, phones, laptops and more.

9). Toshiba Canvio Basics 1.0 TB Portable External Hard Drive

Digital painters and artists will need a place to store all of their work. That’s where the Toshiba Canvio Basics 1.0 TB portable external hard drive comes into play!

Everything can be safely backed up and stored on this affordable external hard drive. Keep this dedicated just for art, and files won’t go missing again!

10). Nix Mini Color Sensor

This is a great tool that scans colors and returns accurate values for the colors you see. No matter if you’re out and about or see a pretty wall paint color you’d like to replicate. This tool makes it easy!

Just scan in the color and the nix goes to work. There are no moving parts—just use the scanner and connect it to a smartphone, with no bothersome wires, etc. When you find a color you love, one that inspires you, just scan it and you’ll receive the color value. The scanner can mat up to 127,000 paint colors.

These are some of the must-have tech gifts for the artists and painters in your life!

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