How Can I Catch My Husband Cheating?

How Can I Catch My Husband Cheating

It’s hard to come up with a way of catching your husband cheating, and it can be even more difficult when you don’t know where to start. This is an unfortunate situation that we hope never happens to anyone.

Still, it does happen more often than you might think. According to Institute for Family Studies, at least 20% of married men in the US have reportedly cheated on their spouses. So, let’s find out how to catch my husband cheating and spare yourself any more embarrassment.

What You Should Pay Attention to?

Though it is not common for men to get caught cheating, you do have the possibility of finding out if your husband is having an affair.

  • Here are ten signs of a cheating husband’s cell phone and not only:
  • He stays up late every night texting with someone.
  • He’s set passwords on every gadget and app on his smartphone.
  • He’s working late more often than usual.
  • He easily gets defensive if you start asking questions.
  • He goes on business trips more often than he used to.
  • He refuses to give you access to his phone or personal email account.
  • He has become more concerned about his appearance.
  • He changes his stories mid-conversation trying not to reveal too much info.
  • He claims one thing but does another.
  • He acts oddly nice all of a sudden.

How to Know for Sure?

You can catch a cheating husband if you install mSpy on his device. This is the best spyware for iPhone or Android phones. mSpy is one of the spy apps used to monitor children, employees, friends, and family members’ devices without them knowing. You just need to get access to your husband’s smartphone for a few minutes to set up the app, and then you can monitor all their activity remotely for as long as you might need.

What mSpy features did women who caught their husband cheating use?

  • Messengers monitoring

mSpy enables you to monitor chats on the most popular messaging apps, including WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, iMessage, Skype, etc. Via mSpy app, you can also see your husband’s messages on Instagram and Tinder (which is already suspicious).

  • Calls monitoring

mSpy allows you to get access to all the call logs on a target device. It means that you can track incoming, outgoing, and missed calls, check their list of contacts and duration of conversations.

  • Wi-Fi network tracking

mSpy Wi-Fi network tracking feature provides you with the info about all the networks that your husband’s phone connected to. This way, you’ll be able to find out what places he visits, how frequently, and how long he stays there.

  • Screen recording

Screenrecorder is an advanced mSpy feature that will let you keep tabs on all your husband’s phone activity by capturing the apps he’s using. It will provide you with access to his private chats, contacts, and media shared via social media platforms.

How to Catch a Cheating Husband for Free?

If you want to confirm your instinct about your husband’s infidelity, here are other ways to find out the truth.

●      Check his phone battery usage

Cheaters frequently utilize phones since they are portable and easy to conceal. The screen time and battery usage on a person’s phone can reveal a lot about them. However, there are some obvious disadvantages of this method. To get information about their phone usage, you’ll need to physically access their device and know their credentials.

●      Look through their locations

You may also want to look at your spouse’s location history and check what places he frequents. They are a few ways to do so, depending on the services that your partner uses.

First of all, if you know his Google credentials, you can access the locations he visited via the Google Timeline. Another option is to use Find My applications that are pre-installed on every Android and iOS device and allow the owner to track their smartphone if it was lost. But again, you’ll need to know your husband’s credentials to access these apps.

Alternatively, if he uses an iPhone, you can turn on Share My Location feature via Family Sharing on his device. The major drawback is that he can turn it off whenever he wants.

●      Look for evidence on their Google Docs

Cheaters often look for complicated solutions to keep their affairs secret. They can create an online document that will look business-like and have a name that shouldn’t raise any suspicions and use it for chatting and exchanging images and videos. So, if you suspect your husband of having an affair, it might be a good idea to look through your husband’s Google Docs.


Hopefully, this article helped you learn how to catch my husband cheating. The main question now is whether it’s worth checking his devices by hand to gather evidence. Or maybe you should choose a much safer and quicker mSpy for that purpose. It’s up to you!

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