How Students Can Use Social Media For Media Analysis

How students can use social media for media analysis

Social media analytics refers to using information and data gotten from social-media platforms to understand and make decisions after proper evaluation of such data. It goes beyond just regular social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. It also includes news sites, reviews, and online forums. Social media analytics can be done on any platform

How Students Can Use Social Media For Media Analysis


Analytics is often downplayed because of a lot of noise in the online space. The internet and social media are now infested with trolls, bots, spam, etc. This is making it difficult to find an accurate result from analysis. Social media contains inexhaustible academic resources and online communities ready to help with research. It gives educational answers to questions and even helps with essays like media analysis papers, among others. Also, it opens the door to unlimited creativity and useful discussions. How analysis can cut through all the noise to produce an accurate result is the true test of good media analytics.

Why is it so important?

It gives you a better understanding of an audience

Understanding your social media audience is important. Analyzing your audiences’ reactions to previous posts can help you time the best time to make new posts and the kind of posts that will give you the most favorable engagements. 

It helps you know the social networks that fit you best

Sometimes the most popular platforms aren’t the ones that will give you the outcome you desire. Good social-media analytics can help show you which social networks fit you best. It’s based on the kind of content you work on and the engagement and success you gain using such networks.

It helps you make more suitable content.

It’ll help you comprehend the posts that get the most positive engagements. Also, the kind that doesn’t get the desired response from your audiences. You can then use the information gathered to make more suitable content and engage better.

It helps you develop a working strategy.

You only get the perfect social-media strategy after trials and learning from your errors while recognizing strengths. Social-media analytics helps you fish out these errors and strengths easily. With these,  you can work on them to produce a watertight strategy.

It helps you track your performances.

When you start a campaign on social media, you must track your performance so that you can make the necessary changes in time. This can help you keep your campaign on track and help you salvage a campaign going south.

It aids you in comprehending competitors.

Social-media analytics helps you identify what your competitors are doing better. This can then help you understand how you could improve your content to do better.

It could also help you understand what they’re doing wrong, so you won’t have to repeat their mistakes.

How students can use social media for media analysis


How it can benefit students

Almost 100% of students at the tertiary level have access to the internet. Beyond just fun, filtered selfies, funny videos, and the likes, social media has now a very important engine in students’ lives. They use social media for important communication, academic research, keeping in touch with colleagues, staying updated on news and global trends, making professional networks, and a lot more.

This makes a lot of data available for schools, other students, aspiring students applying to colleges, and others to mine for marketing, new student finding, managing school reputation, and more. For example, social media analytics can be used to take proactive steps at monitoring and tackling emotional distress in students, thereby ensuring well-being for students.

It also helps schools in recruiting new students. Social analytics can also aid students and schools in better promoting their outreaches and programs. It could also be used to market school athletics tickets.

Students all have social media and ICT integrated into their lives. Many students with businesses can also make use of social media analytics to easily generate more sales. This could be done without going into strenuous money-making ventures that could affect their well-being. Students rely on social media for solutions to most of their problems. If analytics are harnessed for its full potential, it will benefit students educationally, and health-wise even gives them better security.


Social media has a lot of importance. It has helped students in many ways by making so many things easier for them. It also provides relief from school stress through its chat and other fun features. Students can also use social media to achieve a lot of things. If used wisely, the advantages student can get from social media are numerous.

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