Is SEO complex for real, or are we making it overcomplicated?

Is SEO Complex for real or Are We Overcomplicating it

At the initial stage, search engine optimization was simpler than it is now. Earlier, all you needed was to make a semantic core, ensure that the content is original, and position all the correct keywords at the correct places. But now, it is no longer that easy. The toolset of SEO has become more complex and wider. However, is the current SEO state that much hard? Or are we overcomplicating the modern SEO? When to buy backlinks? If ever, let us find out.

What are the factors that make your SEO efforts complex?

SEO is a disciplinary process and combines a broad range of tools, top-notch practices that occasionally evolves, and it continuously adjusts to the updates of Google.

The major reason behind the complexity that we are currently experiencing is the several changes to the algorithms of the tech giant Google. Some of the changes are- wide core algorithm updates, mobile speed updates, security warnings of chrome, video carousels, and a lot more.

Each of such changes modifies the way the search engine operates. This leads to the shift in your ranking and complexes a person’s SEO efforts.

It takes extra time to adjust your current strategy to all of the nuances. And you need to get through the updated rules and reconsider your present plans, and as well as the testing.

You may need to wait for a couple of weeks or even a few months to see the true impact of all the upgraded algorithms on the position of your website.

  • Misinterpretation of the latest Google algorithms-

The common problem is that we misunderstand how the latest algorithm functions. It is common to misinterpret the changes that Google comes up with. This makes the users invest more time on useless activities having no result.

For example, let us consider the benchmarks of Google mobile page speed. Once it was officially announced, people jumped for improving the speed of their way in every possible way. But, it was not needed.

Indeed, if your website lacks speed, it may go down in the SERPs. But, you need to understand that rushing for cutting extra milliseconds from the speed of your page will not boost your rank necessarily if the essential speed remains the same.

Especially when your site ranks low, you need to fix several other problems before checking if your page speed is fast enough or not.

  • Wide range of SEO tools-

Apart from new restrictions that make you think out-of-the-box, the SEO tools are vast, and selecting the best is already very difficult. And as the tools continue to grow, making the selection process harder.

For moving from one project to another, it is important to make use of strategies that you have never utilized before.

How not make SEO overcomplicated?

Some of the effective strategies for making SEO less complicated are mentioned below:

Read SEO news regularly:

Immerse yourself in SEO for learning it. Almost every SEO agency has their own SEO-based news forums and feeds. So, you may interact there to hone your knowledge and skills drastically. You may watch webinars, learn new approaches and techniques.

Use definitive guides to update the work checklist. Go through true case studies, learn of other’s mistakes, and look for fresh information about SEO.

Use monthly reviews for tracking progress:

You need to measure your backlink success, keyword ranking, user behavior, and organic traffic every month. Monitor the ups and downs. Then, tweak your SEO campaign accordingly.

With even little adjustments, you can avoid the biggest problems and discover alternate opportunities for growing your traffic.

Track your competitors:

Check the blogs of your competitors and monitor the links they produce. Look at the things that are missing. Go through the comments section to get insights on what the audience has liked the most and what their demands are.

You may leverage those weak spots by offering the audience the ideal thing they demand. Provide more descriptive and detailed information, better UX (User Experience), and adjustable content.


SEO is not only limited to links and keywords. The wider picture today encapsulates both requirements of the search engines and the powerful user experience. Indeed, SEO has become more convoluted. Creating decent content having links, keywords, meta tags, and links is not enough. The text must be both highly appealing and valuable. You need to look for original approaches and provide unique information. Whatever you do, do not overthink and end up making it overcomplicated.

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