How to make a promotional video for school

How to make a promotional video for school

Gone are the days when schools and other educational institutions did not have websites. Now, it is more than likely for every academic institution, big and small, to have a website where people can get all the required information.

Well, it works to have a website in these present times when the video has taken center stage!

Without a good website, it can get tricky for schools to incorporate video promotions so as to get more admissions every year. Considering that consumers these days make more of their buying decisions based on emotions, videos would be the right promotional tool for schools.

After all, parents will consider sending their issues to a particular school based on the emotions the institution is able to convey effectively. To be more precise, an excellent promotional video for the school will sell the school’s ethos, atmosphere, emotion, and feeling.

Let’s have a more detailed idea of what goes into making promotional videos for school:

Start with the End in Mind

Schools creating promotional videos should have a proper strategic objective in mind. What is it that you are looking to achieve through the video? Answering this question is very important.

The objective can be anything from challenging the outdated perceptions of schools to raising awareness about available facilities or celebrating a certain milestone. Once you are done with the objective, it’s time to identify the target audience. When the objective is in place, it gets easier to identify the audience.

Once you have done identifying the target audience, the next step involves deciding what you would want them to think and how do you want them to feel after watching the promo video of your school.

Planning- You Require a Lot of It!

When deciding to shoot a promo video for school, it works to schedule pre-production meetings twice. You need to approach the video creators seriously and more openly than what would be the case when making a corporate video for a business or company.

This is needed because of the challenging nature of shooting videos within the school environment. Having clear discussions with the video production team will offer huge scopes of covering all considerations and concerns.

All concerns and issues will take the backstage, though, if you consider using a promotional video maker.

Come Up With a Creative Idea for the Video

This will majorly center on the action that you want the target audience to take after watching the video. If you really want them to feel safe about the school, considering it to be a stimulating and friendly place to send their child for studies, do something more than simply having them fill up an inquiry form.

Draw emotions out of people by showing them the stimulating experiments their wards will be performing while studying. Remember, the promo videos you make for selling your school should contain more than just children with smiles on their faces.

Consider the narrative structure of the promo and the information you are looking to deliver. Also, consider whether it is the right time to deliver such visual content to your school. Work on how music will be useful in eliciting the emotions of the viewers.

Make the Video Exclusive

There’s no harm in replicating certain elements of content and style from the other promo videos on school, but then you must altogether avoid wholesaling the “me too” approach. Keep this in mind- everything that works for the competitors might not necessarily work for you and your school.

Do not fall behind in creativity and individuality. Instead, try and identify what’s special and exclusive about your school. Once you find this exclusiveness, center the video on it. The guidelines of your brand might not have been written initially with the video content in mind.

But now that you are making a promo video on school make sure the feel, tone, and appearance of the voice sections offer essential guidance ensuring your videos remain right on-brand.

Do Not Forget to Showcase the USP of Your School

Videos are one of the best ways of demonstrating the USP of a school. For example, you can shoot a promo showing that a certain language is part of the school curriculum.

By showcasing the unique selling proposition of your school, you can have the parents seeing demonstrations of the factors that can play a significant role in their decision of whether they would like to send their child to your school or not.

Keep the Focus

If there’s just one piece of video that you are making for the promotion of your school, it becomes more than important for you to use it as the most effective medium of communication.

Use the promo video to showcase just one or two features of the school perfectly aligning with the chosen planned objective. Trying to highlight different aspects of the school might have you ending up with nothing much to convey.

For instance, the best attribute to highlight in your video would be a successful career of students or the affordable education structure, or else the significance of vocational training. Once you are done choosing the aspect to be highlighted, focusing on bringing this message exceptionally well in front of the viewers.

Use Animation and Graphics for Adding Details

Animation and graphics make illustrations and texts clearly overlaid into scenes most dynamically and fluidly. Using animated images and graphics in your promo video will help the viewers understanding more.

When used in promo videos, such techniques give life to more difficult things to capture in shots.

The CTA- It’s Important

A good video, no matter how well it is made and whatnot it contains to deliver the right information to viewers, will not bring in any results if it does not have a proper Call To Action.

It usually entails what you want the viewers to do after watching the visual content. Use the final message right at the end of the video calling in for more views and click-throughs.

Over to You

Remember, authenticity is the key to creating top-quality and result-oriented school promo videos. Making the right kind of video might be a bit time-consuming, but the results will surely be a major boon for you and your school.

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