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How to Fix Echo in Headphones

How to Fix Echo in Headphones

Have you ever had your headphones on and paused because you thought someone was talking to you, only to find out it was the echo in your headphones? Having an echo in your headphones can be one of the most irritating things ever.

It ruins the sound quality of anything you listen to and makes it hard for you to have gaming sessions, meetings, or listen to your music. Here we will take a look at how you can fix the echo in your headphones so you can have a perfect listening experience. Let’s get started!

Reasons for echo in your headphones 

The reasons for an echo in your headset is usually because of the following reasons:

  • The reflection of sound from the speaker or any surface
  • Low-quality headphones
  • Headphones are too close to the microphone


Ways to reduce the echo

Now, the main question is how do you get rid of the echo in your headphones without having to buy a new pair? This article will provide you with easy solutions that can be done to almost any headphones and do not require a lot of technical work or complicated steps.

1. Plug and unplug

Sometimes, it is as easy as unplugging and plugging your headphones back in to fix the echo in them. You might think you have to replace them or take them into a store to get them checked out, but usually, the port is the issue rather than the headphone themselves.

Therefore, it is recommended to change the port when plugging and re-plugging the headphones into a different one. This should fix the echo and hopefully allow the user to hear clearly. If the issue is with the port than you may need to get it repaired, on whatever device that may be.

2. Lower the volume of your speakers

If you have the volume cranked up high, the echo may be coming from the speakers as it could be that your computer speakers could be receiving the resonances and filtering them again to create the echo effect.

Hence, the solution to reducing or completely getting rid of the echo is by lowering the volume so the mic can detect fewer sounds and not create an echo. It is also recommended to keep the mic away from the speakers as that could also reduce the echo you hear.


3. Put your mic on mute 

If you are not using your mic but using your headphones to listen to music or watch a movie, it is better if you mute the mic. This is due to the external noises that can come in between and create an unwanted echo.

4. Change the devices

Have you ever thought maybe the issue is not your headphones and it could be the device they are connected to? Therefore, try using another device if the problem continues. This may fix the echo as some devices are not as compatible and may not give the best quality of sound as another. Therefore, keep trying different devices such as a switch from your laptop to your phone and see if that helps with the echo.

Sometimes, the program you are using might have a problem rather than the microphone and device being used. Hence, for example, if you are using zoom chat and there is an echo, try switching the program up by using skype or Google meet.

5. Change the positioning of the microphone

 It is said that if you keep the microphone towards a wall or any other object that can reflect the sound waves, you are going to have an echo produced that will ruin your sound quality. Hence, to avoid the sound waves from bouncing and getting distorted, it is best to change the position of the microphone to prevent an echo.


Tips to Keep in Mind

If you are having a video chat with someone and you experience an echo, it is most probably originating from the person who is talking and not always from the person who is listening and can hear the echo. Usually, the headsets of the person talking have some sort of problem where it is creating an echo and therefore that person should try fixing it.

You could try hanging up and redialing the call to see if that fixed the echo problem or not. You might be shocked by how such a simple solution can fix this problem. Another way to reduce the echo or to fully eliminate it is by asking everyone to talk one by one and not have them all talk at the same time. By this, you are not only eliminating the echo but are also allowing one person to talk and get their point across without any interference of other sounds.

Another tip to keep in mind when having an echo in your headphones even after you have re-plugged them is taking them out again and cleaning the end part that goes in the port with a microfiber cloth. You have to be very gentle while cleaning them or else you can damage the headsets. There could be dust particles in the port, so if you could simply blow some air into the port to clean it, this might also help connect your headphones better and produce high-quality sounds.

Some headphones require a little bit of setting up to make them work at their best. This is because sometimes the headset is not fully compatible with the device and hence needs a little bit of tweaking done for it to work compatibly with your device.


Final thoughts

If you have followed all these steps and tips and continue to hear an echo in your headphones, then I am sorry to tell you but you will need to get a new pair. Sometimes, there is an internal problem such as a loose wire or some sort of damage to the headphones that cannot be fixed by these basic steps.

Before you do that, make sure you follow all of these steps to ensure that it isn’t another issue. Sometimes it’s best to simply upgrade your headphones but we hope these steps have been successful in solving your problem.

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