Top Metaverse Projects To Invest In

Top Metaverse Projects To Invest In

With ordinary cryptocurrencies gradually becoming normal and less exciting and having instruments to convert Bitcoin to EUR at every corner, the metaverse world hits the stage with new possibilities for earning and playing. It is becoming the new virtual reality that is likely to remain with us for years and years to come.     

NFT collections that are parts of the metaverse world are innovative and interesting. However, they still can be hard to find, especially if you look for the one to really pool money in. In this short article, we will help you discover some new and worthy projects containing top metaverse NFTs, so read on. 

5 Best Metaverse Projects to Look at in 2022

First and foremost, we compiled this list of proven and official projects that have been around for some time and are acknowledged as promising and transparent in their work. So look them through and enjoy your next investment. 

1. Battle Infinity. 

If we were up to grading projects by the amount of usability they offer, this project would be out of competition. It includes a fantasy game based on metaverse where players can team up with others in real time and earn rewards. Assets and personalities inside the game are given value and can be swapped or sold on several platforms. 

2. Souls of Nature. 

Rated as one of the most successful NFT utility projects of 2022, Souls of Nature has over 9,271 unique animal NFTs (avatars) and offers an immersive experience. It is centered around completing quests to save the species on the brink of extinction and, in the real world, gives a part of the revenue to protect the environment too. 

3. TownStar. 

The project includes a farming game and is now going to achieve the status of the largest metaverse game. With a high speed of growth and increasing its NFTs’ value, the game approaches the popularity of Farmville.  

Right now is a good moment to start investing as the floor price per NFT stays affordable (0.01 ETH). 

4. Tamadoge. 

Being quite a separate Tamaverse game, this one will soon join the Metaverse. What is great, the game’s key coin is now on a discount that aims to sell at least 50% of the coin supply. 

Tamadoge coin also has utility: it opens up the possibility to earn rewards while raising pets. In addition, developing a pet’s skills successfully will take you to the leaderboard to compete for a prize pool.

In addition, the minimum investment is 1,000 TAMA which is still affordable now, especially considering the fact that the beta sale ends soon (in the 4th quarter of 2022).  

5. Real Estate Investment Club. 

This is the first MaaS (Metaverse as a Service) project ever presupposing that a player will acquire knowledge and skills in real estate management. Furthermore, this educational metaverse is made with the help of Unreal Engine 5, which guarantees high quality of graphics. 

What is more, elites from the housing sphere will become mentors and hold special events for game members in the real world. 

Projects like these are called to make a good impact on the surrounding world and take the world to a better place by solving its existing problems. For most of these games, at the start, you will need to get some cryptocurrency to get game coins, depending on the blockchain the metaverse is built on. 

Where to Buy Crypto to Kickstart Your Playing in Metaverse?

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