Exploring the Cisco CCIE Practice Labs

Exploring the Cisco CCIE Practice Labs

The Cisco Certified Internet working Expert (CCIE) certification’s lengthy and colorful history began with its introduction in the 1990s. Even now, 30 years later, the CCIE certification is still regarded as the summit of networking achievement, and obtaining it despite its challenging requirements shows that you have mastered your chosen field and click here to read CCIE dump.

Practice Labs for CCIE Routing and Switching

Instead of wasting time on general concepts covered in other manuals, it concentrates solely on six complicated cases. Each chapter follows the same format and covers a variety of subjects. Each chapter begins with a list of pre-lab assignments and broad rules that describe how to complete each exercise. The timed practice exam questions come next from this source.

The latter sections of each chapter include a Lab Debrief part that analyses each response to the question – and an Ask the Proctor section that offers tips and clues to the solutions. Solutions for every lab get included on the supplemental CD-ROM, with settings and usually show command output from every device in the architecture.

Stages Of CCIE Lab

As a two-stage certification, the successful applicant must first pass the pertinent CCNP core test to be eligible to take the practical exam. The candidate starts – getting ready for the “Lab,” or practical exam. Thus, Practical tests are no longer two-day events as they were in the beginning, but they are nonetheless intimidating to someone applying for the CCIE for the first time.

  • No matter how much preparation you’ve done:
  • How much time you’ve spent in the lab studying in your garage or wherever you can store the equipment,
  • how much time you’ve spent in study groups,
  • your first time entering a testing facility can get intimidating.

What if, though, you could lessen the initial terror? What if you had the opportunity to become familiar with the topology? Is exercise having access to a device? You will encounter it. Why not?

Know the series of CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure

The new CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure (previously CCIE Routing and Switching) practical exam got refocused around the most recent subjects in campus and enterprise networking with the most recent evolution of the CCIE program (part of 2020’s significant evolution of the Cisco certification portfolio) specifically in light of the rapid expansion of intent-based networking. It is necessary to have access to the Cisco DNA Centre and Catalyst 9000 series switches to have experience in both areas.

In the period of CCIE Routing and Switching, it was normal—no, it was expected—for applicants to have a tonne of equipment in their homes or garages that they could use to simulate different scenarios in advance of the CCIE practical exam. However, the installation – of the Cisco DNA Centre and Catalyst 9000 switches has made personal ownership a pricey prospect, making efficient preparation unaffordable for the applicants.


To help qualified applicants study for the CCIE Practical Exam, we have reserved a small number of actual CCIE Practical Lab pods that can get rented for four hours. You can get unrestricted access to the set of equipment you would use on the CCIE Practical exam for a very affordable price.

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