What Could Make Disney Plus Australia Better?

What Could Make Disney Plus Better?

Launched back in 2019, Disney Plus has moved on from its newcomer badge going into 2022. It has fast gained popularity and become one of the most subscribed streaming platforms in the world. Thanks to its mass expansion globally, Disney Plus’s Australia subscriber base has jumped to 152 million paid accounts as of now.

Despite being on track to become an impeccable streaming service in Australia, there are still a few issues with Disney Plus reported by subscribers. Most of these hitches are only small exasperations, that the streamer has either already fixed or can improve for sure.

One of these annoyances is the language glitch that keeps changing the English language of Disney Plus Australia to other languages. Facing such an issue? Here’s how to change the language on Disney Plus in Australia .

The direct rival to Netflix offers a diverse and extensive library with content coming from Disney, Star Wars, Pixar, Nat Geo, Marvel, and 20th Century Studios. Looking to subscribe to an online streaming service in Australia? Disney Plus is an ideal option if you are a Mickey Mouse or Marvel superheroes fan.

In this article, we will underline some of the current problems Disney Plus Australia has right now. The streaming platform must address these issues, and that would turn Disney Plus Australia into an improved service to stream your favorite movies and TV shows.

New Features to Attract or Retain Subscribers

As of now, there’s nothing special other than Disney’s branded content that gives it a big leg up on the competition. Netflix has a far more diverse content library, whereas both Apple TV and Amazon Prime Video offer the latest content with a buy/rent option within their streaming platforms.

Hulu also offers the latest episodes of current TV shows, while DisneyLife (Disney+) offers music streaming as well. Disney Plus Australia should think out of the box and come up with new features to attract or retain subscribers.

The Walt Disney Company has a diverse portfolio of subsidiaries and it can integrate the services of Marvel Unlimited, Disney Publishing Worldwide, Movies Anywhere, shopDisney, Disney Digital Network, and Disney Music Group for a completely unique streaming service.

Another great convenience will be making the content of the Disney bundle (Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+) within a single app.

Alert Users When Any Title is About to Leave

Disney Plus in Australia has an issue with existing licensing agreements that makes some movies being removed from the platform temporarily and moved to any streaming service.

One solution to fix this problem would be that Disney Plus Australia buys out all the current contracts. Or a simpler option would be to notify users when any title is going to move out. That’s a norm within other streaming platforms. It can be another way around as well, to inform subscribers whenever a new film or TV show is about to land on Disney Plus.

Better User Experience

Disney Plus Australia is still in its growth stage and no doubt it’s improving its services and user experience. The return of “resume watching” is a welcome addition, and the announcement of allowing customizable frame rates has excited the Simpsons fans.

However, they should think about improving their content searchability. The alphabetical itemization of searches also confuses the users with so many titles starting with D for Disney. Moreover, shorts must be categorized separately as Disney Plus has so many of them.

More Family-Friendly Content

Disney Plus Australia is known for its family-friendly content and they want to keep it that way, but the platform is currently lacking even in family-friendly films, shows, and documentaries. Their content library is clearly missing some of the popular titles like X-Men from Fox, Indiana Jones from Lucasfilm, Ice Age from Blue Sky, Dancing With The Stars from ABC, and Genius from National Geographic.

Understandably, Disney Plus Australia can’t expect every Original title to be a super hit. Binge-watchers want quality content, and with so many streaming options available, it’s easier to shift to other platforms for desired content.

Disney should rethink licensing family-friendly content produced by other platforms like Sony, Discovery, and ViacomCBS.

Parental Controls With More Authority

Another notable issue with Disney Plus, as recently as in 2021, was its unreliable parental controls. Initially, the streaming service excessively lacked such features, though it came up with some updates last year. Still, there’s a lot to improve in this dimension.

Currently, screen time controlling features are lacking. Moreover, there’s no way parents can block specific films and TV shows. Surely, there must be some work going on in the background to improve the parental controls, but as a user currently you will need to be more vigilant and proactive if there are kids in your home.

Improved Collections

Time and time again, Disney Plus Australia adds new collections, spotlighting a group of TV shows and films, with a fixed theme. However, many of these content collections are unavailable worldwide and are geo-restricted, which sends these titles out of the equation.

But even more importantly, several collections are all-encompassing and Disney Plus hasn’t updated them in years. For instance, “Disney Throughout The Years,” the most popular collection of Disney, was removed and is still missing.

Upgraded Recommended Section

Many of the streaming services have a “Recommended” feature within the app. Disney Plus Australia has to offer some highlights to watch something similar to what you’ve watched and not already seen. It would make complete sense for a streaming service to incite the audience to stream more.

For this purpose, Disney Plus should offer shows varying from user to user at least in the recommended section based on the viewer’s viewing history. In this matter, Disney Plus Australia is quite basic and is way behind Netflix, and needs great improvement.

More of the Classic Content

Classic content of Disney is something that people feel really passionate about, Disney Plus Australia is missing 1000+ of these titles by Walt Disney, still. Hundreds of 20th Century Studios classic movies that are not available to stream or many Disney Channel shows are missing.

Even though Disney Plus is adding some of these titles to Disney Plus slowly, they have been extremely slow. The viewers would love to see those titles brought back.

Fewer Rectangles Maybe

For more than 2 years, scrolling Disney Plus Australia felt like a never-ending slide selection of same-shaped rectangular thumbnails. This display doesn’t really catch the eye due to its uniformity when something new is added.

On Disney Plus Day, the whole main page was upgraded with something new…..Drum rolls… Vertical rectangles! This display broke up the whole Disney Plus home page. Along with that, they also included a little division to pop out the “Olaf Presents”. This feature grabbed attention while scrolling the home page of Disney Plus Australia.

But like the coming soon feature it was removed again. Coming back to the rectangular design even this is not the most important feature but it would just make the content like new originals or celebrations pop in an interesting way.

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