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Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Buying Guide

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Buying Guide

In today’s modern era, many companies offer a waterproof Bluetooth speaker. So, you’re not sure which product is right for your specific needs and requirements. The products available in the market have different pricing, specifications, and features. With this, it is quite confusing which one is best for your budget, taste and needs. Don’t worry because in this section, we will give you the factors you must consider when buying Bluetooth speakers. With that, you have peace of mind that the product you buy perfectly matches your budget and individual needs.

Battery Life

When purchasing outdoor waterproof Bluetooth speakers, a buyers guide would advise you to pay close attention to the battery life. The lifespan of the battery is one of the most critical factors to consider. It’s understandable that you wouldn’t want to have to constantly charge your speaker, so checking the battery life of potential Bluetooth speakers should be your first step. Opting for a Bluetooth speaker with a long battery life will enable you to have more fun and enjoy great music for longer periods.

The average battery lifespan for a Bluetooth speaker is around 4 up to 10 hours. On the other hand, bigger speakers have 24 hours of battery life. Some small speakers have a battery that doesn’t last long, so you must prefer a product that has a longer battery life. With that, you have the assurance that you can enjoy extended fun and entertainment with your music habit. It is annoying when your speaker stops in the middle of the party, right? So, choose a speaker with a reliable battery life.

You must also note that the volume of your speaker can affect the longevity of its battery. Before you buy your speaker, it is an advantage to check the battery life. A speaker with a Li-ion battery is highly recommendable.

Style and Design

Waterproof wireless Bluetooth speakers come in various shapes, designs, and styles. There are a lot of choices to choose from, so you must ensure that you get the design and style that perfectly suits your taste, standards, and needs. Some Bluetooth speakers are available in a triangle, rounds, square and other shapes. You can even see more customized speakers. If you want to get the highest satisfaction, you must choose the right design and style that you find most interesting and suits your taste and personality. With that, you will not regret it in the end.

With fashionable and beautiful designs, your speaker can be a great display in your home. With a portable design, you can have a smooth and hassle-free music experience. Thus, you can bring your speaker anywhere you go. You must follow your own taste when it comes to choosing the design and style of your speaker.

Sound Quality

Another thing to consider when purchasing a waterproof Bluetooth speaker is the sound quality. All of us want to have a speaker that can produce a crisp and clear sound. Most manufacturers of speakers provide specs for total harmonic distortion, wherein the top choice is lower than 1%. The lower harmonic distortion is, the better sound it can produce.

You must remember that not all Bluetooth speakers have this spec. The frequency response is not a necessary thing to consider, although some speakers can offer great sound due to the frequency response. Bluetooth speakers usually have 100 Hz up to 20 kHz. The 20 kHz is the highest frequency, and the lowest frequency is 100 Hz.


Bluetooth speakers are a great companion for your outdoor activities. So, you must look for a speaker that has a waterproof feature like the WaterBoom 360. Having a waterproof Bluetooth speaker is an advantage since you can use it in outdoor places like beaches, swimming pools, and others. You can also use it during the shower.

Waterproof Bluetooth speakers can offer you a more convenient music experience because they are transportable. If you have an active lifestyle, it is practical to have a weather-resistant speaker. It is perfect for those who have a rugged and busy lifestyle. If you are going to buy a Bluetooth speaker, you can observe weatherproof rating numbers like IPX7 or IPX6.


There are different sizes of Bluetooth speakers in the market. There are cylindrical or small conical speakers for more portability. You must get the size that highly suits to your needs. You can pick the size that can be easily stored in your bag. There are also bigger speakers which can produce greater quality sound. You must also remember that bigger speakers come with more powerful batteries that can last for longer hours.

Audio power

The audio power is also another thing to consider. However, not all products have this parameter. The audio power can be represented in watts. A 10-watt speaker is louder.


The compatibility of a portable waterproof Bluetooth speaker is another important factor you must check when purchasing one. You must make sure that it is compatible with your iOS and Android devices. You can also check if it functions with Siri or Google Assistant. Does it connect with other speakers? Compatibility is vital if you want to have a more convenient listening experience.

Bluetooth Version

The Bluetooth version also have specifications. The v.1 is the first-ever Bluetooth version. The 2.1 version is also popular. Nowadays, some devices have 4.0 and 5 versions. So, what are the best Bluetooth version for a speaker? The 2.1 Bluetooth version is highly advisable. It has an Enhanced Data Rate or EDR profile. The 2.1 version can provide you with excellent quality and crispier sound since it produces a realistic representation of audio. Meanwhile, there is also Bluetooth 5 version that features data collection for fitness trackers.

Hands-Free Calls

Waterproof wireless Bluetooth speakers also have hands-free calls feature. With this feature, your Bluetooth speaker can be a speakerphone. It is integrated with microphones, so you can have hands-free conversations. If there is someone calling you on a paired mobile phone, it can route to the speaker, so you can answer the call. You also have the option to reject the call and continue listening to your favorite songs.

Wired inputs

Some older devices are not equipped with Bluetooth features. With this, you can utilize Bluetooth transmitter or old wired audio wire. Most of the speakers now have a 3.5 mm jack input. With this, there is still a chance to link wire-only gadgets using a compatible wire. You must check your speaker instead of thinking that all speakers come with jack input.

NFC Capable

You must also check the Bluetooth speaker, whether it is NFC capable. With NFC or Near Field Communications, you can easily connect to the Bluetooth speaker to mobile phones, iPods as well as laptops to play music. NFC also has a disadvantage; for example, in your iOS device, you can use it for Apple Pay. In this case, the NFC is for safety reasons only. So, the NFC capability is useful for Android devices.

Understanding your Purpose

Before you purchase a waterproof Bluetooth speaker, you must thing first on when and how you will use it. Are you going to use it at home? Is it for your personal use only? Are you going to use it to celebrate birthday parties and other occasions? You must have a clear purpose when buying a speaker. It will guide you to get the best speaker that fits your needs and purpose. There are speakers that are designed for home use only, for traveling, swimming and celebrating holidays and other occasions. On the other hand, there are also flexible waterproof Bluetooth speakers that you can use anywhere and for different purposes. One example is WaterBoom 360. It is a reliable and useful waterproof Bluetooth speaker that you can use at home, backyard, as well as other outdoor spaces. It can be your great companion in making every party livelier by playing fun and lively music. It is also essential for your traveling. You must know your purpose to avoid confusion when buying your new Bluetooth speaker.

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