What is the best lab workbook for CCIE security v6?

What is the best lab workbook for CCIE security v6?

The CCIE Security Version 6 certification is a professional level of Cisco certification that validates the abilities and information necessary to implement and maintain community security solutions. Cisco certified experts are professionals in the design, implementation, engineering, troubleshooting, and support of all Cisco security systems using enterprise exceptional practices. They are responsible for keeping their networks safe from advanced security threats and vulnerabilities. Engineers that have earned the CCIE certification are in high demand and are well-paid professionals in the IT industry. It is a goal for those who want to work in community security and have specific job profiles. Cisco Security certified engineers are responsible for managing and improving their organization’s nonstop reliable networks.

What is the CCIE Security Lab exam?

You are qualified for the laboratory test if you have passed the CCIE security certification written exam. Because the written test result report cannot get accessed immediately, you must wait ten days following the written exam. You don’t need to arrange the lab exam until you know your precise writing exam score to determine whether you passed. If you want to complete the lab test for the first time, you obtain the CCIE Security v6 lab booklet linked here Cisco CCIE Security.

The 8-hour CCIE Security Lab exam assesses your abilities to plan, build, implement, operate, and optimize security systems. After passing the written test, you must take the laboratory exam within 18 months. If you do not pass the written test after three years, you must retake it. The written test and lab exam cost $2,000 in total, with no additional fees for training or other study resources. Because the written and lab exams are so expensive, it is better if you pass the first time.

Down are the components of the CCIE Security v6.0 Lab exam certification:

  • Perimeter Security and Intrusion Prevention
  • Secure Connectivity and Segmentation
  • Infrastructure Security
  • Identity Management, Information Exchange, and Access Control
  • Advanced Threat Protection and Content Security

Laboratory Equipment:

You can buy some equipment for this journey. It is the ideal option if you are genuine. Yes, you can accomplish a lot on GN3 and EVE-NG, but you’ll need to spend a lot of time sitting with the switch & firewalls and massive, resource-hungry topologies.


The great idea is to combine your resources with a few others and gather your team in one handy location. It is the lab equipment you’ll need to increase your performance:


EXSi host with 128GB RAM, 12 cores, and a 1TB hard drive


A Catalyst 3650 or 3850 is preferable, although a 3750x is a fine cheap choice.


3602i or something close

IP Phone:

7965G Cisco


Enable clustering on two ASA 5512-X routers.

Workbooks for CCIE Security:

Obtaining CCIE security certification is not straightforward and requires significant time, money, and work. You may, however, totally rely on SPOTO because it provides both the CCIE security dumps and the CCIE security v6 lab workbook. If you have any questions about the CCIE security certification test, you can contact them. SPOTO may be a valuable resource during the CCIE certification exam preparation process.

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