Can I Pet That Dog? Video – Explained

Can I Pet That Dog? Video

There are just some TikTok videos that are going to continue trending forever! It was similar when everyone was obsessed with Vine. There are just some videos that stand out from the crowd and you hear people quoting on a daily basis and even in real life.

There are probably some TikTok videos that spring to mind right now. In particular, one that is still popular and is known by people of all ages is the ‘can I pet that dog?’ video. This is one that a lot of people quote. After all, everyone loves dogs and if there is a furry friend around, you know you want to pet it! But the original video has now been deleted. So, let’s learn more about the ‘can I pet that dog?’ video here.

What is the ‘Can I Pet that Dog?’ Video?

There are certain videos that keep appearing on everyone’s TikTok. Indeed, they are just that popular and they come up on everybody’s algorithm. This has been what happened with the ‘can I pet that dog?’ video. It was first posted almost two years ago and most people saw the original one. But, it has been taken down by the original creator because it was receiving some nasty comments.

If you did not manage to see this video, you are probably wondering what it is all about. Essentially, it was a video that was posted by @kayholleyy and it first starting to make its rounds on the 2nd of October 2019. Before it was deleted, this video was able to attract millions of views. Indeed, it was a video that went viral and this meant that a lot of people were talking about it. In the video, a little boy wanted to pet a dog before it was his bedtime at home. He keeps asking; ‘can I pet that dog?’ and he keeps repeating it and getting louder at the same time.

A lot of people found this video hilarious. The backstory involved the family adopting a Yorkie. The dog had only been in the house a few days and she had told her son to give the dog space. It was a little nervous and she wanted the dog to settle into its new home. But, he was desperate to pet the dog.

Why did the ‘Can I Pet that Dog?’ Video Get Hate?

You are probably thinking; why did such an innocent and cute video of a boy wanting to a pet a dog get so much hate on social media? Well, we are going to explain what happened and what led to the creator taking down the original video. In fact, the creator also decided that she wanted to delete all of the videos she had posted on TikTok and leave the platform. This was despite having millions of views and over 350,000 followers on the app.

Her son was getting a lot of hate on the online platform. For example, a lot of people are writing insults about him in the comments that were unnecessary. There were even users that were making fun of the little boy’s accent. As you can imagine, this was something that the mother did not want to happen. All she had wanted to do was share videos of her son being funny and showing off his personality. So, she was not afraid to delete all of the videos after receiving this hate.

Of course, a lot of people were shocked and annoyed that people were bullying the little boy. They were angry that people could be so mean to someone so innocent. In particular, they wanted to share their love for the ‘can I pet that dog’ video and that remains a sound on TikTok. There is no doubt that a lot of people loved this video and are going to remember the sound for a very long time.

Unfortunately, what has happened to this creator is not a one-off story. In fact, it happens a lot more than you would think. The world of social media and TikTok can be a fantastic place. You can share the love with other people and have some fun. You can laugh and cry together with people that you have never met. You can also make new connections and discover new hobbies and interests. But, there is no doubt that sometimes social media can be a nasty and dangerous place. People often think that they are keyboard warriors and want to create trouble. In particular, they can bring others down and this is not what you want to happen on these platforms.

To Summarize

There are always going to be some TikTok videos that stand out more than others. Indeed, they are going to be famous for many years to come and people will never forget them. This is true even if they are deleted. Well, this is what has happened to the ‘can I pet that dog?’ video. The original might now be deleted on the platform, but people still remember and love the video, as well as quote it on a regular basis. Let’s summarize what we have learned in this post.

First of all, you might not be familiar with the ‘can I pet that dog?’ video. So, this was a video that was posted two years ago and a lot of people loved it. In particular, it showed a little boy really wanting to pet a dog. But, this was something that he could not do because the dog was a rescue and was nervous. So, the mother had told him that he had to wait for a while. In the video, the boy repeatedly asked if he could pet the dog. This was a funny and cute video, which was why it gathered so much attention.

Unfortunately, the video has not been taken down now. This was due to a lot of hate that the little boy was getting online. In fact, the creator has now left the platform altogether and nobody will get to enjoy the videos anymore.

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