TikTok: ‘Fish Girl’ Trend Explained

TikTok: ‘Fish Girl’

When it comes to TikTok, there is a new person trending every week. They have either done something controversial or posted the content that people love. Either way, you soon hear about them. But, there is no doubt that it can be hard to keep up with all of the content creators that are trending on the app. So, we are going to make it easier for you by keeping you up-to-date with the latest news.

One person that has gone viral recently is someone called ‘Fish Girl’. Have you heard about them before? Let’s take a closer look at who Fish Girl is and why everyone is talking about them right now.

Who is Fish Girl?

First of all, let’s look at the background behind Fish Girl and understand some context. A YouTube channel called Cut uploaded a video in 2019. In this video, there were games people had to play in order to win $1,000. It was in this video that people met Fish Girl and this is the same person that people are talking about on TikTok.

So, the Fish Girl got her name from being in that video. It was called 7 High Schoolers Decode Who Wins $1,000. Her name in real life is Jordyn and people seems to like her when she was in this show. The reason she got this nickname was because she shared how she would love to become a marine biologist when she is older. Namely, she loved the ocean and wants to be able to help animals. Therefore, she became referred to as Fish Girl.

But, while this can seem like a nasty name, it was not meant in this way. She was actually a person that was liked on the show. In particular, fans loved how she was outspoken when she needed to be, as well as being funny. While she could cause controversy when she got into arguments with others, she has a personality that people liked.

This is how Fish Girl became popular on TikTok. People would upload clips from the show and share their favorite moments of her. This meant that other people also liked these clips and started to love Fish Girl. There are so many videos out there that you can video. While some of them are clips from the show, others have re-enacted their favorite parts for fun. These can be hilarious to watch and this is especially true if you like the original show. In fact, you might notice that some people refer to her as the Fish Queen on TikTok!

Where is Fish Girl?

Due to her popularity, a lot of people want to know where Fish Girl is now. However, we have some bad news. We are not sure where she is now or even if she is going on to be a marine biologist. For instance, there is an account on TikTok called @fishgirlofficial. But, it is not clear whether this is an account that is run by Jordyn or her fans. But, one thing’s for sure, it has a lot of followers and likes. This includes having over 2.7 million likes, as well as over 40,000 followers. Even if you look up the hashtag Fish Girl, there are millions of views on the videos.

Therefore, there are a lot of people out there that love Fish Girl. It can seem like a mean name at first. But, it is actually not meant to be this way. Instead, it was a nickname used at the time of the show to remember her. It has stuck and now people know her as Fish Girl. People still love her online and are searching for her in real life. But, there is not a trace just yet. Perhaps when she realizes just how popular she is, she will reveal herself. There is no doubt she could have a social media career in the future if she does. A lot of people love Fish Girl and she has a lot of potential in the social media world if she ever wanted to enter it now.

To Summarize

It is common for people to come up with nicknames for others. Sometimes, this can be something that is funny or to show love to another person. Alternatively, it can be in a way to make fun of another person and laugh at their expense. Unfortunately, this is something that happens a lot on social media. People think that they can hide behind a screen. So, when it comes to TikTok, you are likely going to come across a lot of nicknames and it will be up to you whether you think these nicknames are good or bad.

One you might have heard of before is ‘fish girl’. When you hear someone being called fish girl, you are not going to automatically think it is a term of endearment. But, in this one case, you would be wrong. In fact, a person gained the nickname of ‘fish girl’ because people really liked her and it was a way to remember who she was.

So, let’s summarize who fish girl is. This was a contestant that was on a YouTube channel called Cut. The video first surfaced back in 2019 and the people were competing in order to win $1,000. So, fish girl was one of these people and she made it known that she loved the ocean and wanted to become a marine biologist. So, fans of the show started to call her fish girl instead of her real name. They liked her personality and she was popular on the show.

If you do remember fish girl, you might want to know where she is now. Well, we have some bad news. Nobody has been able to locate fish girl just yet. In fact, despite being called Fish Queen on TikTok, she has not made an appearance. But, perhaps if enough people are talking about her, she might realize that making an appearance could allow her to gain a new career or a side hustle.

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