TikTok: Pudgy Owa Owa – Explained

TikTok: Pudgy Owa Owa

If there is one thing that everyone loves, it is videos of dogs. We love to share our furry friends and their funny moments on the internet. People also like to watch them and there are hours of entertainment out there for you to enjoy. In particular, one dog that became famous overnight was Pudgy. This was due to a video posted about him that went viral.

But, why is everyone suddenly talking about Pudgy Owa Owa? Are you wondering what is going on? We are going to take a closer look at this story and share what we have found. So, let’s get started.

Who is Pudgy Owa Owa?

If you love dogs, then you might have heard of Pudgy Owa Owa. If not, you will definitely want to check out his videos. This is a cute little dog that enjoyed a lot of fame after he made unusual noises. In particular, these noises sounded like ‘owa owa’. So, this is how he gained this nickname. You will also find his account on TikTok, which is @pudgywoke. This was a dog like no other and he had an amazing 12 million followers on the TikTok app. His famous made him grow overnight and having this many followers is almost unheard of for an animal.

Of course, people loved the dog and his videos. Then, the ‘owa owa’ started to take off on different social media platforms too. Everyone would say ‘can I get an owa owa?’ This is something people would ask their dog to see if they would bark. The videos that are being posted on his account have millions of views. People cannot seem to get enough.

Is there a reason why Pudgy Owa Owa barks like this? His owner says that there is no condition or medical reason why he barks like ‘owa owa’. But, he did say that it all started after he went missing. Apparently, that happened a few years ago. Since then, Pudgy Owa Owa has also gained a following over on Instagram. You will find that he has over 456,000 followers, which is great for a dog on this app. Combined with TikTok, it is likely that this little pooch is making quite a lot of money.


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Why Is Everyone Talking About Pudgy Owa Owa?

All of a sudden, everyone has been talking about Pudgy Owa Owa. But, this has not been a good way and you may be wondering what has happened to this little star. Indeed, word can get around on social media and the internet quickly.

However, we have some bad news. The owner of PudgyWoke has shared the devasting news that he has passed away. This is going to hit people hard that were fans of the small and cute pup. Malachy James, his owner, posted a video on YouTube. He shared the news that his furry friend died on 16th July. Unfortunately, the sorry is not a good one, as it all happened after a walk. In particular, he met a person who wanted his dog to interact with Pudgy. So, he put him down and allowed the canines to interact. But, the dog attacked Pudgy and this left him with bad injuries.

While PudgyWoke was taken straight to the animal hospital, his injuries were severe. In particular, he was going to need surgery that was very expensive. This was in the region of $12,000. It may go up to $15,000, depending on how it went. Since the canine was badly injured and he would have to be sedated, there was a risk that the pooch would not survive. Faced with this decision Malachy James decided to put his dog down.

The good news is, you are still able to watch Pudgy Owa Owa’s content. So, you can enjoy all of his videos on TikTok, as well as checking out the posts on Instagram. This can be a good way to remember this furry friend. Indeed, there is still a lot of enjoyment you can gain from his content. None of the videos have been taken down by the owner, so will be able to scroll back and spend some time checking out the content.

To Conclude

There are a lot of animals who are now becoming famous because of social media. Their owners share their images and videos online and they can capture the hearts of the nation. In particular, TikTok is the latest social media platform where people are doing this. They are able to gain followers, as well as a lot of likes on content. One pooch that people have been talking about is Pudgy Owa Owa. Let’s summarize what we know about Pudgy Owa Owa and why everyone is talking about this canine.

Dogs are known to bark. But, there are some of our furry friends that like to make strange noises. This makes a lot of people laugh since their owns often upload this content online. Well, this is what happened with Pudgy Owa Owa. He was known to have a funny bark which sounded like ‘owa owa’. The content that was posted originally gained millions of views and people fell in love with this small dog. The owner had no idea why their furry friend makes this noise but it seemed to happen after he returned when he got lost several years ago.

Unfortunately, there is a reason why everyone is talking about Pudgy Owa Owa. It is not a good reason and it has made a lot of his followers sad. The owner of Pudgy Owa Owa has shared that his furry friend has passed away. This was not due to a medical condition or old age. Instead, it happened in tragic circumstances when Pudgy Owa Owa was on a walk. Someone wanted to introduce their canine to Pudgy Owa Owa and the owner put him down. But, he was attacked by the other pooch. This meant that he had bad injuries and there was not a lot the animal hospital could do for him.

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