TikTok: Piper Rockelle – Who Is She?

TikTok: Piper Rockelle

There are so many people that are making a living from social media and the internet right now. In particular, there are a lot of young personalities you can get to know. Whether this is on TikTok, Instagram or YouTube, more people watch content on their computers and smartphones than ever before.

Someone that everyone has been talking about online recently is Piper Rockelle. She is a young social media and YouTube that people cannot get enough of. But, there has also been some controversy involving Pink that is gaining attention. Are you curious about what is going on? Let’s dive into this subject and get to know what is happening.

Who is Piper Rockelle?

First of all, you may not be familiar with who Piper Rockelle is. So, let’s get acquainted with this star so that you can understand what the whole story is about. You are going to know Piper Rockelle as a famous social media personality. She creates content, as well as being a musician. On her YouTube channel, she has a lot of followers. This includes having over 8 million people that like to keep up to date with her videos.


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Piper Rockelle is someone that has been known since 2011. Indeed, she was only four years old at the time and she already had an Instagram. Most of her revenue now comes from YouTube, as she makes a lot of content on here. This includes posting challenges and pranks, as well as vlogging about her routine and her real life. This is what a lot of people like to watch as they feel that they can get to know who she really is. Her first YouTube video was posted on 29th November 2016. In this video, she was talking to her audience and making slime. While you might wonder how this video was so popular, it actually received over 4.6 million views. Slime was trending at this time and people liked to watch her making it from scratch.

Another social app that Piper Rockelle appeared on was Musical.ly. This was around 2016 to 2017. But, this app did not last long and this is why you cannot see these videos anymore. So, when TikTok then took over, she created an account on there. This was around April 2020 when the app was very popular and was growing.

There is no doubt that Piper Rockelle had a lot of online fame. This meant that new opportunities came her way. This was in the form of a TV web series. It was called Mani and it had several episodes air between 2017 and 2018. Piper Rockelle stared at the little girl in the series called Sky and she was the child looked after by the nanny called Mani.

Another highlight of Piper Rockelle’s career so far is landing her own reality series. This was unscripted and supposed to be all about her life. It was cleverly called Piperazzi. The young star was hoping to build a career in entertainment, so this series was all about her going to Los Angeles to do this.

But, the successes of Piper Rockelle do not stop there. In fact, she is a child of many talents. Piper Rockelle has even released a number of pop songs. For instance, this includes a song called Treat Myself, which was released in November 2019.

What is the Controversy Surrounding Piper Rockelle?

You may have heard a lot of people talking about Piper Rockelle and are wondering what it is all about. well, it has something to do with Pink, the famous singer. In particular, Pink believes that her parents are exploiting her. It all started when there was a photo of Piper Rockelle in a bikini posted on the internet. Namely, this was on her own Instagram account. Pink believes her parents posted this image and that it is wrong to do this to such a young girl.


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Piper Rockelle is around 13 years old. Pink is clearly trying to protect young women from the eyes of the internet and she was angry at her parents. In particular, she showed her disappointment in her mother taking the image and allowing her to post the image online when there are a lot of dangers on the internet. Clearly, she thought that her parents were doing it all as part of making money.

However, Piper Rockelle and her mother have responded to what Pink has said. In particular, Piper Rockelle posted that the image was not sexualized in any way and someone wearing a bikini is about having fun. Essentially, she is saying that it is the person themselves that is sexualizing something like this. In addition, her mother called Tiffany has said that she wanted to support her daughter and that she protects her in any way she can.

Other stars have been involved in the debate and are giving their views. for instance, Courtney Stodden is a former model and she was groomed when she was young. She has said that children like Piper Rockelle may think that their photos are fun and even are for attention. But, they do not understand the predatory behavior that is out there and how their images can be dangerous. Thus, adults are able to see this but children are innocent and do not realize what they are doing. So, they must be protected.

To Conclude

Hopefully, you now know more about Piper Rockelle and what has been happening. She is a young and famous internet personality, with videos on TikTok and YouTube. She also has been in web series and has her own reality show. There is no doubt that you are going to see her face everywhere. But, she has been in a very public disagreement with Pink, one of the biggest artists on the planet. This is all about sexualization of images and how her parents have not protected her from the realities of the internet. What do you think of this subject?

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