TikTok: No Bra Challenge Explained

TikTok: No Bra Challenge

Trends come and go on TikTok. Some of them you are going to be able to figure out from the videos. Perhaps you simply like to watch certain trends or even create videos of your own. Either way, for some trends, it is best to read about them first so that you can join in and enjoy them to the fullest.

The latest trend that everyone is talking about is the no bra challenge. While this might seem self-explanatory, there is a particular routine people are following and this includes dancing for the trend. So, let’s take a closer look at the no bra challenge.

What is the No Bra Challenge?

Let’s start by probably saying that you have guessed what this trend involves. Indeed, it is mostly women choosing to have no bra on in their video. The challenge has become a dance routine where women dance without a bra on. If you are looking for examples of this challenge, it is going to be easy to find when you search for the right hashtags. Namely, you are going to find the majority of the videos under #braoffchallenge and #brachallenge. Some people are choosing a song they like to dance to. Others are copying famous dance moves that you are going to recognize if you like TikTok.

So, what is the meaning behind the no bra challenge? Well, there are a lot of creators getting involved with this one because they believe that it is all about female empowerment. They are able to wear what they want and do whatever they please. But, there is no doubt that there are also many people on the app that simply like to watch these types of videos for the wrong reasons. Let’s just say that there are always some people that like to spoil a trend.

Was there a No Bra Challenge Before?

You might think that the no bra challenge sounds familiar and wonder if it has been going around on the app before. Well, there was one challenge that was popular not that long ago and it was called the bra toss challenge. You can find it under the hashtag on the app and on other social platforms called #bratosschallenge.

What was the bra toss challenge? Well, it was a viral trend that was started by Lilly Singh. She is a Canadian comedian who made a name for herself on YouTube. She wanted to feel strong and empowered with her fellow women and thought she would start a trend on International Women’s Day. This took place on 8th March 2017 and it has been known ever since.

The aim of the challenge was to get women to come together and toss away their bras. Again, it was something that was meant to be about female empowerment and being able to not wear one if you did not want to. There were a lot of people that enjoyed the trend and thought it was a great way for women to come together and feel empowered. But, the challenge was not something that everyone appreciated. In fact, there were some women who criticized the trend and did not understand how throwing your bra away was anything to do with freedom and feeling strong as a woman.

Is the New No Bra Challenge Any Different?

There are always going to be challenges that some people like and others do not. That is life and what TikTok is all about. But, the no bra challenge has gained some publicity. Namely, there are a lot of people criticizing the movement just like they did with the bra toss challenge by Lilly Singh.

For example, there are a lot of people that believe creators joining in with the challenge are simply doing it for views and likes. They do not care about female empowerment or making a statement together as a woman. Simply, they see it as a way to gain views, followers and money. In particular, people argue that it is a way for men to objectify a women’s body and does nothing to gain respect.

There are also a number of other challenges that gain the same type of criticism. For example, there was a half nude challenge and a nipple challenge. They were not well received by people online either. So, there is a lot of controversy surrounding these types of challenges and whether they really have a place on TikTok. What do you think about this challenge?

To Summarize

If you are a fan of TikTok, you probably like to keep up with the latest trends. This way, you can get the most from the app and enjoy all of the content that it has to offer. If you have been wondering about the no bra challenge, we are going to summarize what we have covered in this post.

The no bra challenge is just what it sounds like. You are going to be making content without wearing a bra. The purpose of this trend is for women to feel empowered by their choices and not to feel like they have to wear something on their bodies. For some people, this has been a great movement and they enjoy watching this type of content.

However, the no bra challenge has attracted a lot of criticism. This is similar to the bra toss challenge that came out a few years ago. A lot of people think that it does not help with feminism and female empowerment. Instead, it hinders the movement since you are allowing men to objectify your body and you are only creating the content for money.

There is no doubt that this type of video is going to gain attention. The challenge is about dancing with no bra on. There are popular hashtags on the app for this challenge and it does not look like it is going away any time soon. Everyone is going to have their own thoughts on this challenge. So, what are yours?

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