Read Choi and Gina Darling – Who Are They?

Read Choi and Gina Darling

The internet would not be the same without fights and drama. This is one of the reasons why reality television shows are so popular. People love controversy. Well, there is proving to be a lot of it available on TikTok now. Since people can post a lot of the content, they want to on this app, it is easy to find out about people’s lives and keep up with all of their personal drama. Indeed, this is something that users have been doing with Read Choi and Gina Darling. Do you want to know what is going on? Let’s take a look at this topic and get the lowdown.

What is the Drama Between Gina Darling and Read Choi?

It all started when Gina Darling posted a lot of videos on TikTok, accusing Read Choi to her viewers. They went through a breakup and Gina clearly became upset and started to post about Read when she found out information that she did not like. Indeed, this made her think that she did not know Read at all. In particular, Gina found out that he has been meeting up with a girl that he discovered on a dating app. This was very soon after they had split and clearly Gina thought that this showed disrespect after their breakup was so fresh.


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Of course, the fact that Read was starting to see other people clearly upset Gina. He had seemed to move on so quickly. But, another reason why she did not like this was because of Read Choi and how he had voiced his opinions on dating websites when they were together. In particular, he said that people were weak that resorted to dating on the internet. So, the fact that this had been what he had done was hypocritical.

But, the story gets worse. Gina Darling soon discovered that Read Choi had been messaging and meeting up with multiple when. They were all from dating websites. When the other girls found out about this, they were upset too. He had been playing everyone for his own personal gain. Gina started to be very outspoken against Read Choi knowing that he had a lot of followers. She believed that he was putting on a front online and making himself out to be a saint. She alleged that Read sleeps around and had been with over 100 girls.

Gina Darling kept going with the drama since it was getting a lot of views and publicity on the internet. She even went on to say that Read choi had chlamydia. He did not seek treatment for it and instead, he slept with her knowingly and not telling her about this STD.

Has Read Choi Responded?

After all of this controversy, people have not liked Read Choi in the way they had before. So, he had a lot of explaining to do if he wanted to gain some respect back and ensure people liked him again. Well, he did decide that he had to respond to what was going on. Silence was not something that was helping him.

Read Choi apologized for his actions in response to what Gina Darling said. He explained that he had mistreated women and that he apologized for doing this. In addition, he admitted that he should have apologized soon than he did. In particular, he addressed the story about the STD. Namely, he said that he had been uneducated and immature about the whole topic. He did say that he had no symptoms and did not realize that he had it. However, he heard that Gina had contracted the STD and got tested. This is when he realized he had it too and he states that he apologized to her for his behavior.

He also offered an insight into why he thought that he behaved like this. He stated that the breakup with Gina Darling had affected him. Namely, he was using sex as a way to escape this pain he was feeling. But, now knowing his mistake, he is willing to get professional help and learn to deal with his issues in another way that is going to help and not hinder him.

To Conclude

When your neighbors are arguing in the street, are you the first one to look out the window and listen? We all like a bit of drama from time to time and there is certainly enough of it on the internet to keep you amused for hours. People like this type of entertainment and you are going to find it with TikTok creators. In particular, one story that has been everywhere recently the drama between Read Choi and Gina Darling. Let’s summarize what has been happening

First of all, Gina Darling and Read Choi were in a relationship. But, when they broke up, things quickly turned sour. In particular, Gina Darling found out a lot of information about Read Choi and thought she would create content about it. She was upset and thought he was another person when they were together. In particular, she shared that he had been with over 100 girls and had been messaging a lot of them after the breakup. In particular, he was using dating sites on order to do this, which was something that he said he did not like. In addition, Gina Darling was annoyed because she claims Read Choi gave her an STD.

As a result of all this drama, Read Choi has to address it. After all, he was getting a lot of criticism online and losing followers. So, he ended up apologizing to his fans. He called out his own behavior and said that it was not good enough. He also said that he had apologized to Gina Darling for giving her an STD. His explanation for his behavior was that he was affected by the breakup and chose unhealthy ways to deal with the pain. Read Choi has stated that he is willing to get real help moving forward.

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