TikTok: Now All My Friends are Wasted Lyrics and Song Explained

TikTok: Now All My Friends are Wasted

Do you want to discover new music? Well, a lot of people used to go to the music charts online and take a look. Others would tune into the music channels on the television. But, an increasingly popular way to discover new tunes and enjoy music is to head over to TikTok. Since a lot of people include music with their content, you can discover new songs that are catchy. Some are completely new while others are mashups of old favorites.

There is a song that everyone has been loving recently. We are talking about All My Friends are Wasted. Have you heard of this song before? Let’s take a look at some of the lyrics and explain what the song is all about.

About ‘All My Friends are Wasted’

First of all, before we take a look at some of the lyrics of the song, let’s learn more about this music. Well, it was released quite a few years ago and it has gained a lot of popularity due to everyone using TikTok. All My Friends are Wasted was released in October 2015. In particular, it was produced by Song Music UK and Columbia Records. If you are wondering about the artist, it was created by Snakehips. There is also a version that features Chance the Rapper, as well as Tinashe.

This song has been very popular for years. That is why it has won awards, such as the Ivor Novello Award in 2016. It is described as catchy and it is one of those pop songs that you never get bored of. Indeed, it is being used in a variety of videos on TikTok. In particular, when you are dancing at a club with your friends and partying.

What are the Lyrics?

If you have never heard All My Friends are Wasted before, you may be wondering what the lyrics are. This is going to allow you to gain a better understanding of the song. So, here are the lyrics to this hit:

We open with the vultures, kissing the cannibals
Sure I get lonely, when I’m the only
Only human in the heaving heat of the animals
Bitter brown salt, stinging on my tongue and I
I will not waiver, I will not wait its turn
It will beat, it will burn, burn, burn your love into the ground
With the lips of another
‘Til you get lonely, sure I get lonely sometimes

All my friends are wasted
And I hate this club
Man, I drink too much
Another Friday night I wasted
My eyes are black and red
I’m crawling back to your bed

I hate the bar
Pharmacy addict hit a Wall Street traffic, took the car
We reinvent the wheel just to fall asleep at it, skrrr
Crash on the floor, catch the zzz’s
Popping the polar opposite to the NZT
Hip-hop and the propaganda say they name brand
But I done seen how the xan did my main man
The nights we won’t remember
Are the nights we won’t remember
I’ll be gone ’till November
All my city calls me Simba
Dreams are made for cages, nigga
Lions are for real, nigga
Dying is for real, niggas dying off of pills, nigga
Fridays are for chill and I escaped the treachery
I just had to rest in peace the recipe
The rest of us are praying that the sand will leave a tan
If you’re up right now, hope you hear what I’m saying (hope you hear what I’m…)

All my friends are wasted
And I hate this club
Man, I drink too much
Another Friday night I wasted
My eyes are black and red
I’m crawling back to your bed

Do you get lonely?
Sure I get lonely some nights
When the angels on my shoulder
Slump my head
I’m stuck here with the vultures
Hissing and circling
You didn’t call me, call me, call me, call me
I’m crawling, crawling, crawling back to you

All my friends are wasted
And I hate this club
Man, I drink too much
Another Friday night I wasted
My eyes are black and red
I’m crawling back to your bed

As you can see from the lyrics, it is quite easy to tell what the song is about. It is about not really liking going to the club and that all of your friends have drunk too much. But, the person singing has also drunk too much alcohol and is feeling regretful of how they have wasted another night doing this.

To Summarize

There is a lot of good music that you can discover on TikTok. Even big hits from a few years ago that you might have missed or forgotten about are brought back to life on the app. There has been one song in particular that is used a lot on content. This is called All My Friends are Wasted. Let’s summarize what we learned in this post.

The All My Friends are Wasted song was released back in 2015. It was a hit back then and it was created by Snakehips, with a version featuring Chance the Rapper and Tinashe. It has come back into the spotlight again thanks to TikTok. A lot of people are using it for fun content that shows off their friends or their clubbing experiences.

Looking at the lyrics, this song is interesting. The person that is singing the song is saying that all of their friends are drunk. They are also drunk and are showing that they are not enjoying the club they are at. They think they are wasting their night in an endless cycle that they cannot get out of. They are also making out that they can be lonely too and this is despite being surrounded by people.

A lot of people can probably relate to the All My Friends are Wasted song. But, it is also a tune that is catchy and you should listen to it if you have not already heard it before.

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