TikTok: Rainbow Kiss Reactions Hashtag (#) Meaning

TikTok: Rainbow Kiss Reactions Hashtag

If there is anywhere to be in the 21st century, it is one TikTok. This is somewhere where you can watch new videos, follow trends and keep up with your favorite personalities. While some trends are self-explanatory, others take a bit more study to understand. One that a lot of people have been wondering about recently is the hashtag Rainbow Kiss. This is a new trend that is going viral right now and a lot of people are finding it entertaining.

Are you not sure what the hashtag Rainbow Kiss is? Well, here we have a guide to let you know everything about it. So, let’s get started and find out.

What is Hashtag Rainbow Kiss?

First of all, we are going to put a disclaimer. It should be noted that the hashtag Rainbow Kiss is for adults only. So, it is not a place for kids to be exploring and if you are a young kid, it is time to click off now. Indeed, if you have seen things about hashtag Rainbow Kiss on Twitter, you will notice that people are telling you not to Google it.

Well, on TikTok, hashtag Rainbow Kiss is a big thing and this is particularly true for adults. If you are over 18, you might be wondering what this is all about. So, let’s dive in. First of all, it is essential to note that a rainbow kiss is a type of sexual activity. The videos that you will see under the hashtag on TikTok are not depicting this. Instead, they are reaction videos that people are creating. This could be after they Google the term or after it has happened to them. The videos vary and if you are curious and check out the hashtag, you will see this for yourself.

How did Rainbow Kiss go viral? Well, it was pretty simple. People starting to Tweet about how you should not Google it. People saw this as an opportunity to create a TikTok video. In particular, they would record themselves before and after Googling this term. The fact that someone is telling you not to Google it means that they expect you to be shocked or grossed out with what you find. Therefore, people knew there was potential for a good reaction video. After a lot of people discovered the reaction videos on TikTok, they decided that they would copy since people’s reactions had been funny. What’s more, there was a curiosity going around about what it really was.

Are you going to Google rainbow kiss? At first, you might think that this has an innocent meaning. In other words, a kiss between LGBT partners. However, we can confirm that this is not the meaning. You may be in for a shock when you find out its real meaning. If you want to join in with this trend, set up your camera and record yourself before Googling it. This can be you doing everyday things. Then, take a video of you after you find out the meaning. This way you can join in with the hashtag Rainbow Kiss. It is likely that your video will get a lot of views since everyone is doing this right now and likes to watch other creators do the same. So far, you will find that the hashtag has over 9 million views. So, it is a trend that is continuing to grow on the app.

When it comes to the sound to use on this trend, this can be completely up to you. You can choose a sound that you think fits your reaction. A lot of people are choosing to use a song called ‘original sound – AntiNightcore. You can choose to select this one when you are recording and people are lip-syncing along to the sound. However, you can get creative and choose a funny song instead. The choice is completely yours.

Why are People Looking Up Rainbow Kiss?

Have you ever noticed that when a lot of people Google something, they encourage others to do so? Sometimes, it can be because you like the person or they are popular. So, you are more inclined to do as they tell you. but, there is also the reverse psychology aspect to this type of thing that works on social media. In other words, if someone tells you not to do something, there is a part of you that wants to do it.

Well, this is what has happened with the rainbow kiss trend. The more people that say do not look it up, the more other users are doing it. Then, they are spreading on the message. This is how it went viral. Everyone is curious to see if it is really as bad as everyone is making out.

We have to admit that we did Google the answer. We can also say that we know exactly why people are telling you not to look it up! You might be shocked to find out what it means and regret your decision. So, there is probably some truth to people then spreading on the message saying not to look it up. But, nobody is able to help themselves and it turns into a vicious circle.

All we will say in the topic is that a rainbow kiss is not what it seems. It might seem like it is about an LGBT couple kissing. But, it is an act between a man and a woman that might leave you very surprised. If you know that you cannot resist finding out what a rainbow kiss is, you may as well record a video for TikTok while you are doing it. This way, at least you will have content that you can use from this experience. You never know, your video might go viral like the trend if people like your reaction. Just make sure that you are not with your parents or anyone that you would feel embarrassing around. We are warning you!

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