TikTok: How to Do the Innocence Test – Rice Purity Test

TikTok: How to Do the Innocence Test – Rice Purity Test

There are so many TikTok trends out there that it can be difficult to keep up. But, the latest one involves the Innocent Test. Indeed, just like it sounds, this is a test that will see just how innocent you are. If you like to do TikTok videos, this might be a trend that you want to do next. However, before you do this, you have got to learn more about what it is and how to complete it. So, read on and you can find out all of the details.

What is the Innocence Test?

First of all, it is important to learn exactly what we mean by the Innocence Test. Well, you may be surprised to know that this test was created way back in the 1980s and it has become popular again. A lot of people find it fun and interesting. It was created by the Rice Purity Test. Namely, there made 100 questions for people to answer and this was done at Rice University, which is located in Houston, Texas.

Essentially, the Innocence Test, which is often called the Rice Purity Test, is designed to show how innocent a person you are. This is after answering the questions that are based on everything from sex and drugs, as well as crime.


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Just like other TikTok trends, someone answered the Rice Purity Test on the social platform. This then went viral, which means that everyone wanted to try it. In particular, everyone wants to see what their innocence percentage was. But, there are some people that do not like the Rice Purity Test. Namely, they think that the whole concept is inaccurate and it is also outdated. This meant that a newer version of the Innocence Test emerged on TikTok. Again, this went viral.

The TikTok Innocence Test

Are you interested in doing the Rice Purity Test on TikTok? Well, you are going to want to know what to do. Know that you are going to have to set aside some time to complete this TikTok. You are going to have around 100 statements to go through that are related to a variety of topics. For example, you will have to answer whether you have ever smoked a cigarette or if you have ever used a fake ID.

Therefore, you have to answer all 100 statements. This is going to include ticking the statements that you have done before. If you have not done something, you can simply leave the box unticked. At the end, you are going to get your results based on these answers. Of course, you will be told how innocent you are. Part of the fun is that you will be assigned a nickname based on the answers you give. For example, if you are very innocent based on the test, you are going to be called an angel. If you have done a lot of the vices that are spoken about in the test, you might be labeled a wild child.

Is the Original Innocence Test Different to the TikTok One?

Yes, the Innocence Test that you can do on TikTok is different from the original one that was created at Rice University in Houston, Texas. While the concept remains the same in that you are answering questions and there are 100 of them, they have been updated. Essentially, they have been updated so that they are modern and reflect society today. In other words, the Innocence Test is now applicable for the 21st century and it is a lot more exciting to do for the younger generations.


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Things to Know About the Innocence Test

So, if you are thinking about doing the Innocence Test for TikTok, there are some things you should know before you do it. For example, know that there is some scientific theory behind this test. This can make it fun and perhaps enlighten you on how risky your behavior can be in line with everyone else in the world. It can give you an ego boost and be fun to take part and compare to your friends. But, it is important to remember that the test is not to be taken too seriously. The results are not supposed to make you feel bad or feel like you have to be more adventurous. This test is simple and not intended to be offensive.

In addition, the Innocence Test should not be thought about as a bucket list. Again, it is just to have fun with. Indeed, some of the behaviors are risky and some might even be illegal where you live. So, nothing on the test should be advocated for you to try. Remember to have fun and not encourage your friends to do things they are uncomfortable with either. TikTok is about doing things you are happy with and do not post this video if you do not want people to know the answers.


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When it comes to TikTok trends, a lot of people sit down with their parents to have some fun. But, it is important to consider whether you really want to do this with the Innocence Test. If you talk openly about a lot of things, you will be able to have a laugh with your parents over this test on TikTok. However, if there are some topics you would rather not talk about or things you want to keep private from your parents, then you might not want to take this test in front of them. This might be embarrassing for you and you can get in trouble.

Therefore, the most important thing to remember about the Innocence Test is that it is designed to be informative but fun. It should not be taken too seriously. In addition, if you want elements of your life to remain private, you might not want to take this TikTok Innocence Test in front or with your parents. They could learn some facts about you that make you argue or you could feel embarrassed. Knowing this in advance with make you feel a lot better.

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