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TikTok: Lip Shape Chart Explained

TikTok is more than just a video sharing app. This has become a social platform where people can express themselves and have fun. Namely, it has become a place...


Twisted Tea Meme Explained

Have you heard everyone talking about the Twisted Tea mem recently? Are you not sure what on earth everybody is going on about? Social media has been exploding...


Big Hero 6 Aunt Cass Meme Explained

If there is one modern Disney movie that a lot of people enjoyed it was Big Hero 6. This was a movie released big the huge franchise back in 2014 and it was an...


TikTok: Meaning of Bring the Lion Out

If you watch a lot of TikTok videos, you know that there are a lot of trends that go around on the platform. This can mean people dance, sing or use sounds on...


TikTok: What Does ‘Chile’ Mean?

TikTok is the latest app that people spend hours on a day. You can simply keep scrolling through videos that entertain you and the algorithm will continue to...

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