Big Hero 6 Aunt Cass Meme Explained

Big Hero 6 Aunt Cass Meme Explained

If there is one modern Disney movie that a lot of people enjoyed it was Big Hero 6. This was a movie released big the huge franchise back in 2014 and it was an instant hit. In particular, if you ask anyone that has watched the movie who was a popular character was with a small role, they are going to tell you about Aunt Cass.

In particular, there has been a meme going around the internet about Aunt Cass from Big Hero 6. Are you familiar with it? If you have not come across this one yet, we are going to explain all about it here

Who is Aunt Cass?

First of all, you may be wondering who Aunt Cass is. So, let’s take a minute to explain about this character. So, Aunt Cass is part of the animated movie called Big Hero 6, which was released by Disney in 2014. But, she is not as large a character as you would think. Instead, Aunt Cass is the aunt of the Hamada brothers in the movie. In addition, Aunt Cass is the owner of the Lucky Cat Café. in real life, this character is voiced by Maya Rudolph.

One of the reasons why people seem to like Aunt Cass is because she looks similar to Anna from Frozen, as well as Rapunzel. One of the reasons for this is she has wide eyes, as well as small facial features. Plus, she had dark brown hair. In fact, there are some popular theories about why she looks like this. There are some fans that believe she is an older version of Rapunzel. 

Why Do People Like Aunt Cass and how Did the Memes Start?

Again, Aunt Cass did not have a large part to play in the movie, Big Hero 6. So, there has been some confusion on how she has become popular and why the internet is loving her right now. Well, it all started with a meme that appeared on Reddit. Namely, this was an image of Aunt Cass that has been edited. In particular, her chest had been enlarged.

This meme started a trend where people thought that the animated character was attractive. A lot of people liked how she had cropped brown hair, a lovely face and prominent green eyes. In fact, a lot of people started to admit they had a crush on the character. So, this led to people taking freeze frames of the movie and turning them into memes. In particular, this involved the scene where Aunt Cass is leaning on the counter in her café.

The original meme was released around two years later after the movie was out. This was in November 2016 and the user was called Rastifan. It gained many views on the internet in the years that followed and now, there are a lot of memes about the character from Big Hero 6.

Where are the Aunt Cass Memes Coming From?

If you are one of the few people not to discover the Aunt Cass meme yet, you may be wondering where it is from. Well, it appears that some Disney fans began to post and share it on Reddit. This is a popular type of forum where you can discuss anything you want. In particular, this was a meme that was posted for humor.

In addition, there are some memes of Aunt Cass appearing on Instagram too. People are taking images of the animated character and putting her into situations that others find funny. Indeed, there are a lot of fan accounts for the character on Instagram.

But, it is not just fans of the movie that are creating these memes. Makes of the movie must have realized just how popular this character had become. For instance, someone spotted that an image of Aunt Cass appeared on Ralph Breaks the Internet. This is a sequel to the popular movie, Wreck It Ralph. Indeed, the image was used as a ‘sassy housewife’ advertisement. This was something that a lot of people found funny on the internet too.

In addition, there has since been an evolution of Aunt Cass memes on the internet. For example, a lot of them feature Aunt Cass in different situations that are funny and relatable at the same time. Text is edited onto a freeze frame from the movie.

To Summarize

If you have never watched Big Hero 6, you may have been confused by the Aunt Cass Meme. But, now you may be able to understand it better. Aunt Cass was the aunt of the Hamada brothers and she became an internet sensation despite not having a large part in the movie. People liked her because of her looks. In particular, a lot of people thought that she looked like Anna from Frozen, as well as Rapunzel. This meant that she gained a lot of attention.

Then, the Aunt Cass memes started to take off. The first meme appeared on reddit where someone took a freeze frame from the movie and edited it to make her chest appear larger. People thought that this meme was attractive. Then it started to go viral. In addition, there were other memes that started to appear that were more humorous. This is particularly true on Instagram. Often, this was comparing an image with someone with Aunt Cass and how she was much more beautiful. The makers of Big Hero 6 started to become aware of everyone’s obsession with Aunt Cass. In particular, an image of this character actually appeared in the movie called Ralph Breaks the Internet.

So, now that you know more about the Aunt Cass memes and what they are, you might be curious to go find them. They will be easy to locate and understand.

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